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Jan 18, 2008 01:45 PM

Where to get new pots in SF?

Where can I get new pots in SF with out taking out a jumbo loan? I would like to get a few frying pans and dishes to braise meats in.

Are there any good restaurant supply stores in SF which are in-expensive? Please don't tell me I have to go to williams sonoma and spend $ 348 for a sauce pan.

Any good advice would be great.

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  1. There's a great store on Clement and 8th Avenue (or 6th - I am not exactly sure), but they have a good supply to kitchen and restaurant wares. Someone else might chime in with the name of the store. Also, check out Costco since there are nice surprises there from time to time. Although you said SF, the Crate and Barrel Outlet on 4th Street in Berkeley has good items too.

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      Are you thinking of Kamei? The prices are certainly right but I hink your suggestion of Costco is much better. They had a set for something reasonable ($150?) that got a recommendation from Consumer Reports. It was like 5 pan set or something.

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        I don't remember the name, but it's within a block or 2 from Schubert's Bakery.

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          Not everyone belongs to Costco, and I'm not a big fan of buying a set -- there's usually at least one piece I will rarely if ever use.

          There's are a couple of restaurant supply stores down near the design center -- you know, you can look-up "restaurant supply" on the internet or the yellow pages.

          Another option is to stock up on Bed, Bath & Beyond 20 percent off coupons -- despite the fact that they have expiration dates they don't expire, and they'll let you use up to four (one per item) at a time. They have a pretty good selection. You can often score a really good deal on the Friday sale on, too.

          I don't know why anyone buys stuff at Williams-Sonoma. Back when it started a lot of things they carried were hard to find, but these days you can get everything they carry for much less a lot of other places.

          If you have questions about cookware itself (as opposed to where to buy it), they should be posted on the cookware board.

      2. Also check out Economy Restaurant Fixtures on 7th St. in SF. They sell to the public and the have a really large selection of high quality cookware.

        Economy Restaurant Fixtures
        1200 7th St, San Francisco, CA

        1. what everyone already said. But also did you know those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons never expire? And you can use multiple coupon at one check out. We always go in with a stack of coupons and use either the $5 of an item of $15 or 20% off one item. You can save a lot of money this way.

          1. You might also want to poke around at Ross Stores. They have really expanded their housewares inventory over the last few years and now carry quite a selection of kitchen items and cookware. Granted, much of the cookware is flimsy and disposable. However, I have seen a number of quality items available at very reasonable prices. I have even bought a few.

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              Good point. I haven't bought any cookware there, but I bought some really nice glasses for cheap.