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Jan 18, 2008 01:43 PM

ann arbor: best five meals of 07

just out of curiosity...i noticed someone in MSP posted asking for "your best 5 meals in MSP in 2007" and i thought it'd be fun to do the same for ann arbor.

so, any thoughts?

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  1. Didn't get a chance to dine at the really high end places in Ann Arbor this past year, or only ended up doing apps/drinks so no meals, but here's some very good meals I had in 2007:

    amadeus - chicken paprikash for brunch w/ a glass of champagne beforehand
    everyday lunch - bacon stuffed trout with cider glaze, tomato salad, chocolate pots de creme
    everyday lunch - shrimp with chili butter & zucchini pasta
    blue nile food stand at the art fair for spicy chicken

    Knight's market - 16 oz porterhouse, does that count if I cooked it at home?

    1. In no particular order:

      1) New Zealand lamb chops, Cafe Zola
      2) Hot BLT, Zingerman's
      3) Cassoulet, Le Dog
      4) Cajun swordfish, Real Seafood (I don't usuallly like this place much, but they nailed this particular dish)
      5) Seafood curry with fresh pasta, Eve
      6) Beet salad and other special appetizers, Ayse's Cafe

      1. Also, in no particular order:

        Knight's - dinner out with my mom and her sister, who were visiting from out of town: oysters rockefeller, petite filet, 2 manhattans on the rocks

        lunch @ everyday cook - Saturday afternoon, with my boyfriend, the day after we got back from a two week feast/vacation in the Pacific northwest: flank steak, salad, lemon tart

        Logan - braised duck legs with dijon cream and pickled black grapes

        La Zamaan - the first time we ate there and shared karnabeet, chicken tawook, rice, red peppers, falafel, hummus, etc.

        everday cook - private dinner /cooking lesson focusing on Moroccan cuisine: shrimp with harissa, chicken tagine, olive oil couscous cake, plenty of wine

        *plus, all the delicious things I've been cooking at home, thanks to the fine fish and meat markets, Monahans and Sparrow, and to the CSA farm share from Tantre that we enjoyed this summer/fall.