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Jan 18, 2008 01:38 PM

Peking Duck Pancakes

Is there something I can pick up at a grocery store to cover this or do I have to make them from scratich?

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  1. If you have access to an Asian grocery store, they typically have them in the frozen section with other kinds of buns.

    Other wise, you can make them from scratch, I'd guess the dough would be simliar to any buns, but you'd just shape it differently.

    1. Someone told me that a Chinese restaurant used those Pillsbury crack the label kind of biscuits and steamed them... I dunno.

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        Buttermilk Biscuits, steam for ~10 minutes.

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          Oh wow! Gotta try it. Thanks, Alan. I thought they were trying to be funny. I heard they use these same biscuits as malasadas-fry them and then roll in sugar.

      2. They are easy to make. Here's a well-illustrated web page that shows how. This is almost exactly the way I do it.


        1. Here's a recipe on for mandarin pancakes. As distinctive feature of this method is that two pieces are rolled out with sesame oil in the middle. This helps make them thinner.

          1. Are you talking about the steamed buns or the pancake (like a tortilla)? The pancake is a mu shu wrapper which can be found in both American supermarkets and Asian markets. I've never made them from scratch. My uncle who worked at a very top notch Chinese restaurant told me they buy them since they are so thin. He would bring them home and we'd steam them with a moist towel on top. The steamed bun I believe is only found in Asian markets or they have similar ones at Cantonese bakeries.

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              I'd also recommend buying them in - the majority of restaurants who serve Chinese pancakes with duck buy in their pancakes because they're not that expensive, given the time and effort required to produce a thin enough wrap manually. A tortilla is going to be too thick and doughy, detracting you from the taste of the duck, veg and sauce.