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Jan 18, 2008 01:27 PM

Hungry Musicians In Detroit...

We're in Detroit for a few days (from Phoenix) to record an album, which means dinner doesn't always happen until after 9pm,and breakfast is usually around 11am...and we have two vegetarians among us to boot. We are staying in Warren and driving into the city each day to the studio.

Any suggestions between those two places (or not too far from the path), especially for:


(We also hear the hummus here in the motor city is something to check out - any suggestions on that?)

Thanks chowhounds!!

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  1. i am going to steal boagman's thunder and recommend loui's for detroit square pizza - 9 mile and dequinder - close the i-75 for your ride into/from the city

    for thai - - pi's thai two miles away. very tiny place but great food

    if you have a few bucks, you might try assaggi on 9 mile in fernbdale. nice place with some ecclectic food & veg friendly.

    run a search on these places and you will get a lot more info

    where will you be in the city - downtown, new center, wayne state? lots of good places if you give us a better idea of where you will be.

    rock on

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    1. re: xman887

      great suggestions, thanks!! the studio is right by comerica park...

      1. re: furrybluecyclops

        Greektown will be very close to the studio and is definately a part of the down town scene. Plenty of restaurants, pastry shops and bars plus the greektown casino. This is a good option for lunch as well. Slows BBQ on Michigan Ave a few blocks past the old tiger stadium is one of my favorites. As already mentioned coney dogs but Im not sure how that would work out if there's a few of you stuck in a studio! LOL
        Pizzapapalis in Detroit is a favorite as well. Hockeytown is right acroos from Comerica park. Great for drinks but not dinner. Enjoy!

        1. re: furrybluecyclops

          these are all a bunch of good suggestions. i am partial to atlas bistro and a like slow's a lot. check out avalon bakery (block and a half west of woodward on the cross street just south of canfield) for some of the beast bread in the city.

          what's the name of your band?

          1. re: xman887

            The Love Me

            We will have to thank all the chowhounders on the records' liner notes! ha!

        2. re: xman887

          Wow...yep. You stole that thunder completely. Loui's and Pi's were going to be my recommendations.

          As for breakfast, if you're willing to go a bit out of your way, Frittata in Clawson is really something to take in. I tried it today for the first time, and really, really, liked it. A bit pricier than normal breakfast fare, perhaps, but the quality of the food, presentation, and care is far better, too, and I thought it was just great.

          But again, that may be out of your way to get to.

          1. re: xman887

            Yay! We went to Loui's last night and it was fabulous! Thanks so much!

          2. Where are you downtown? There are a bunch of options there...thinking Traffic Jam, Majestic Cafe, Atlas Bistro, but don't know how far eas/west you are of Woodward.

            1. Welcome to our fair city...near Comerica Park, try Union Street on of my favorites. You are staying in my home town of Warren...Michigan's 3rd largest city...not much on the culinary front, but any of the Greek owned diner type places are always good for breakfast or a coney island hot dog. (search coney island hot dog in chowhound for more info on this Michigan delicacy) My personal favorite in Warren is the tried and true Grecian Palace on 12 Mile and Van Dyke. Mom's been eating there since she was a little girl.,,

              By the way, I was just visiting my Warren kinf over the holidays and Amarin Thai on 12 Mile near Hoover was outstanding - far better Thai than ANYTHING that can be found in my current city, the somewhat food snobby Ann Arbor. Give it a try!


              1. I also put in a big vote for Loui's - the best!

                For Thai, I have recently been enjoying a place in Madison Heights (not far at all from Warren) called Nak Thai on John R between 11 and 12 mile road. They seem to have a slightly larger than normal selection with dishes that I don't see at every other Thai place.

                1. You're on the wrong side of town for the hummus, but here are a couple of ideas. Get to the airport early before leaving and hit the Beirut on Merriman, W side, a few hundred yards north of I-94. Or, there's a new place on Woodward in Detroit in New Center, a block or so south of Grand Blvd., called Motown Kebab. I haven't tried it yet but have heard good things. A 5 min. drive from stadium area, maybe 10 min. at rush hour.

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                  1. re: Jim M

                    Dearborn is 10 miles or so from Comerica Park...for good hummus and middle Eastern, I prefer Al Ameer on Warren. But there are many to choose from...