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Jul 21, 2001 08:06 AM

21 Oceanfront: Anyone Been?

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Best seafood in Orange County?

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  1. Yes. The Newporter -- green salad with shrimp is one of my favorite salads. Also, try the Bananas Caramel for dessert as it is excellent as well (white chocolate ice cream, bananas and fresh caramel sauce).

    Unforntunately, I don't really remember the main entrees. I use to enjoy the Seared Ahi, but I've really gotten tired of this dish since it is everywhere now. A friend had a steak there, which I tried, but I much prefer Chris Ruth's.

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    1. re: Sophie

      For us LB/OC people, where is 21 Oceanfront?

      1. re: LBQT

        Newport Beach, on the peninsula, right next to the pier.

        1. re: Sophie

          55s to Newport Blvd, cross over Balboa Peninsula
          32nd St, R
          Balboa Blvd, L
          Newport Pier, R
          2100 Oceanfro..., on the corner

          I took my boyfriend's parents there for spare-no-expense dining. Excellent wine service though my prime filet was approaching the dry side. Everything else was solidly above average but alas, I am too much a sucker for cheap 'n good to fully appreciate finer dining.


    2. I went there for a work dinner once - I found the menu did not have much variety, whatever I ordered (don't remember)did not impress me too much, and it definitely struck me as overpriced.