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Jan 18, 2008 12:55 PM

Restaurants Closing

For whatever reason...loss of lease, slow sales...

1. Hops
2. Vinnie T's
3. Macaroni Grill in West Hartford

and I heard Hooters in Manchester might be next...not sure how to put my concern into words on this one...devastating...

I do think we are in a recession...the margins on these business' are so tight that a poor sales month can make the corporate office close them up...and december sales were horrendous.

The people have to start relizing that support for locally owned businesses and especially restaurants is one of the most important ways to ensure local econimies are not impacted by decisions made in Boston, Houston, and Tampa...

I am sure Highland Park Market in Evergreen Walk is just primed and ready to compete with the new Walmart Supercenter at Buckland has been a tough road for them...

Buy something local and support local business.

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    1. Macaroni Grill in W.H.'s lease was not renewed, nor any other tenents there. There is going to be a huge re-development in Bishops Corner, including Stop & Shop and rumors are a Target. The owners are not renewing leases. Chains constantly come and go, so don't pity them. Most of the chain food is pre-made and bagged. Macaroni Grill is not in that mold, but your Ruby Tuesday's, etc... do. I agree that small businesses MUST be supported. Too many good restaurants are finding it harder to compete and don't have the financial backing of your big wigs.

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        rrdrums is right, the reason the Mac Grill closed is their lease wasn't renewed pending a redevelopment of the area. This article provides more info. on the plans for Bishop's Corner:

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          Macaroni grills food is mostly pre-made and bagged

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Vinny T's is kaput but a new restaurent is opening soon in Manchester. It's called Hartford Road Pizza. Considering there are at least 7 other Italian/Pizza joints within a mile of this place, I'm wondering what niche this place thinks they are going to fill?

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              1. re: Waquoit

                Vinny T's is closing near the Maine Mall in South Portland too. I'm pretty sure they've always been busy so maybe it's a company thing. Perhaps if they didn't give you enough pasta for 8 people in a single dish, they could have saved money.

                1. re: grittys457

                  Also I heard they are closing on in Boston.Not sure which one. Earle Ct.

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                    So many different factors play into the decision to close a regional franchise like Vinny Ts. It could be countless things like the investment group seeing a better ROI in other ventures, and the margins on the restaurant business being too thin to generate significant proceeds for a sale, so its tidier to shut the door and sell the equipment or reuse it in a new venture. Often times with regional chains like Burger King in the greater Portland area a few years ago, or Quiznos in the Northeast, the sale/collasp of the business has less to do about sales volume and more to do with the banking condition of the ownership group.

                    Without a doubt the restaurant market - especially in the midmarket segment is getting slaughtered by high gas prices, especially in the Northeast where so many middle-income families drive trucks and SUVs. For many people the extreme-high gas prices are coming straight out of a family's entertainment/eating out budget - whether they know it or not!