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Need a bakery for a birthday cake (8"-10" round) under $30, hopefully in the SF Valley

I am trying to find a bakery that makes good cakes that will not charge me an arm and a leg.

I tried order a birthday cake from Portos, and it would be $20 for a 9" round cake, but they refuse to decorate it with any kind of theme. Which I found really annoying.

Can anyone suggest a bakery that makes good cake, that will make a decorated 8"-10" round two layer cake for under $30?

I live in Santa Clarita, so it would be great if the bakery was no further than the SF Valley.

tia for any help.

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  1. Try Belwood Bakery in Studio City. Their cakes are delicious; they are very accommodating and you probably can negotiate a price w/ them.

    1. what kind of theme are you looking to decorate the cake with? If you just want some flowers, with writing, I'd go with a chinese bakery. I like the Weinie Bakery in Northridge. Otherwise our favorite places for cakes are Portos and Viktor Benes (inside Gelsons in Northridge).

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        Bea's Bakery in Tarzana 1 block from at Reseda Blvd and Ventura Blvd.


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          Bea's is good.

          So is Plusko's (vanilla cake w/ choc chip vanilla custard filling)

          Auntie Em's might be worth considering too.

      2. Not sure about the prices but look at CakeryBakery.net, just off 210 freeway

        1. I would go to Delicious bakery in Northridge at the Northwest corner Nordhoff and Reseda Blvd. While there you can also dine at one of the many chowie restaurants in the immediate area.

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            Believe it or not, Vons makes a pretty decent tres leches. As a bit of a food snob, I pulled one over on unsuspecting kid party attendees.

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              Le Bon in Woodland Hills on Ventura near Topanga. Great quality french baker for the price. It will be within your price point! I've only ordered made to order cakes. Moist and not too sweet...great light buttercream. I've ordered here for birthdays and baby showers. This was a great find! I stopped ordering from Sweet Lady Jane after I found this place.

          2. Theme decorated cakes cost more because they take a little time and effort above the norm.

            Viktor Bene's in Gelson's do very nice cakes that look and taste lovely. There are Gelson's in Northridge, Encino, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood and Tarzana.

            Bea's in Tarzana is good, but not as cheap as people think.

            Cakes by Edie in Canoga Park are tasty and pretty.

            My Cake Bakery is darn good stuff! My secret spot in the valley. Everyone who I've given their cake to has LOVED it.

            Have you this this place near you?

            1. Try Kayla's on Victory by Loehman's. It's a hidden gem with the best croissants in the valley, a mean fruit tart and lots of wonderful cakes (birthday and other). Better than Viktor Bene's and the usual suspects.

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                I tried Kayla's for my son's 3rd birthday a little over a year ago, based on my SIL's recommendation. I picked out a cute Elmo cake, which was supposed to be a sheet cake with white frosting and blue trim, and an Elmo piggy bank sitting in the middle. There were supposed to be 2 bunches of balloons, one on each side of the writing (those plastic balloons you stick on the cake) and then sugar confetti stuff sprinkled all over. The girl wrote everything down, including the page number for the picture in the album. She told me it would be $55 for the cake because the piggy bank costs extra, so I said OK.

                The next afternoon, about 2 hours before the party, my husband goes to pick up the cake. I had described it to him the night before. He calls me to say "I don't think this is the right cake" and then took a picture with his cell phone and sent it to me. They made me a sheet cake with bright YELLOW frosting and red trim, and made a BLUE Elmo shaped creature in the middle out of icing. Elmo is RED. There was no piggy bank, no balloons, nothing. I was furious. The cashier kept telling my husband he had to pay for the cake because that's what I ordered and that he was going to get in trouble if we didn't take the cake. My husband walked out after telling the cashier what he could do with his blue Elmo cake. We ended up getting a generic cake at Costco at the last minute and getting Elmo decorations from a party store.

              2. Try Martino's bakery, on Victory Blvd. in Burbank, just a few blocks off the Golden State Fwy.


                335 N Victory Blvd
                Burbank, CA 91502
                (818) 842-0715