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Jan 18, 2008 12:22 PM

Go to Gitlo's!

I understand that Gitlo's has been getting great feedback on this board but it needs more support...Go Now! I have been 4 times, always for take-out, and most of the food is very fresh and creative. I was in this afternoon at about 12:30, ordered take-out, and sat talking to Gitlo for about 20 minutes. Gitlo said that evening and weekends have been much busier than one came in during the 20 minutes I was there. He told me that this evening he would be making Creme Brulee which others have tried there and loved. He said he is also making Soy Sauce Chicken Wings (they aren't on the menu). I told him that I would be ordering for a large group for Super Bowl and we decided that I should call ahead (like Saturday) so that he can order ahead and prepare early. I will be eating my take-out later for dinner but I did try his char siu bau and they were incredibly light and fluffy and the filling (with a hint of peanut butter) was very good though not much of it.

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  1. The braised soy sauce wings are super!

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      I thought they were too salty, too steeped in soy - they are practically black. Just went to Gitlo's for saturday lunch - steady crowd. Enjoyed the chive dumplings the best (Q toy). Got the XO daikon but would get the crispy next time (which I had previous visit). I did not like the veggies spring rolls (I guess it's because I don't like taro too much) and they are sold out of the bean curd skin crispy shrimp rolls today.

      Also note: they take cash only still..

    2. Which are the char siu bau (I'm not great with the Chinese names)? I neeed to avoid if they have peanut butter due to allergy. Last time we were there I don't recall seeing anything with peanut butter on the menu. There was something with peanut but he was out of it anyway.

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        The char siu bao are the white things that look like misshapen baseballs that have slices of roast pork in sauce inside them. The English name, roughly, would be barbecue pork bun.

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          yes. the Char Siu Bai do have peanuts. our waitress warned us as she set them down. i'm on the fence about these. i'm sure they are excellent examples of the bun but as my Son described it "it's sorta goofy."

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            The dough itself is exquisite, some of the best I've ever had (and I've eaten a LOT of bao in my time), but I personally find them slightly underfilled.

        2. Poking my head in from Little Rhody. :) I took a dim sum virgin friend there for lunch today and she was absolutely smitten. We both loved how the food arrived at the table piping hot and freshly made. I agree with the bao assessment above - the bun itself was fantastic but I would have liked a bit more filling. All in all, though, great little spot with really yummy food! Next time I have another dim sum craving without a large crowd to go with, I'm hitting Gitlo's again.

          1. After just moving here from Los Angeles and feeling a void left by the ethnic treasures that LA has to offer I was very excited to find China Pearl. It seemed to me that Boston would provide me with some comfort.

            Unfortunately, I can’t say that Gitlo’s left me feeling very comforted. The only server they had today was very inexperienced. Our food took a long time in coming and the dishes were too spread out to enjoy. I don’t feel like any of the dishes are standouts.

            One set of dumplings arrived from the kitchen with an apology from the kitchen that they were overdone. Why is the kitchen even sending out food that is substandard?

            In the servers inexperience, she has no command of her tables and the flow of food coming from the kitchen. She was bringing food to tables that had arrived after us.

            Quite frankly I don’t see any advantage to eating here than eating at China Pearl. One would think with the more intimate setting, that there would be better service and better cuisine. Neither of which I can say are true after today’s experience.

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              Mark: two others you might want to try that are closer to you: Tosca in Hingham (finally remembered the name :-) and Coriander in Sharon. Not chinese food though, but new american done well.

              Some items were better than the usual chinatown fare...e.g., the har gau tasted very good (shrimp was tastier than ones you'd find in chinatown)...the scallop/tobiko on top of the shumai was tasty...the curry noodles were good. Others were just ok...the foon gwoh was a bit watery and not as good as china pearl's. The custard bun was a bit odd (a watery solution w/ sugar particles). The taro shumai was good and unique as was the taro egg roll. Daikon cake w/ XO sauce was unique but just ok (not enough daikon flavor/texture). The char siu bao was ok. They were out of the sweet potato roll and seafood shumai unfortunately :-P

              I thought it was a decent hole in the wall and fairly typical of the sort: Some stuff was unique. Some stuff was better than usual. Some stuff was worse. You get stuff fresh off the stove and you have to wait for stuff because there's only one stove :-P

              For more consistency, hit China Pearl in chinatown (better than the suburban branches) and go during a busy time. If you manage to get the roasted char siu bao and the custard tarts as they come out of the kitchen warm, it's worth the trip :-)

              Really amusing was the tea w/ the tea bag labelled "tea bag" instead of a particular brand as seen in the photo attached. I've also attached a photo of the scallop/tobiko topped shumai which did look pretty cool w/ the steam coming off it.

            2. Finally made it to Gitlo's today. Been dying to try the Sweet Potato Puffs and the 'silver needle noodles' since I've read about them on the board. Unfortunately by the time we got there they were out of the Sweet Potato Puffs and the Crystal Rainbow Buns.

              Everything tasted very fresh. With the exception of the fried Cantonese Dumplings, the steamed items arrived first. I was interested in seeing broccoli florets in the Shrimp dumplings, but they turned out to be just chopped broccoli stems (which made much more sense). The skins on all the dumplings we tried were thin, which showed the talent of the chef.

              XO Sauce Daikon Cake was less crispy than I had hoped, but I guess having cubes of the cake stir-fried with sauce makes everything less crispy. The creme brulee was unexpectedly served in a mini pie tin, but was a very smooth and yummy custard. The highlight of the meal however may had been the Sesame Pork Buns with its light and fluffy bun covered with a layer of sesame seeds on its bottom.

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                I, too, stopped by briefly around 1PM. Sigh, out of the sesame pork buns, according to Gitlo. Had the XO sauce daikon cake, several of which cubes were browned nicely, but could have used more daikon for flavor & texture, as others have mentioned. Sauce was delissh. Taro shiu-mai were so fresh & hot that Gitlo, literally, dropped them onto the table. I wish I hadn't been solo, so I could have ordered more, but just had to stop in for a quick lunch on my way elsewhere. Next time.