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Jan 18, 2008 12:17 PM

Is Douzo still good and would 2 people on Fri eve need reservations?

Is there bar seating? How long would be the wait w/o a reservation?

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  1. Yes & not that long. Not many students back in town yet and it is winter.

    1. I ate there just last night and it was as delicious as ever. Their salmon sashimi is some of the best i've had. Also had a yellowtail/scallion roll and the Torch Roll.

      At 8PM last night the wait for two was an hour for a table or sushi bar seat. We got lucky and scored a bar table...there is also bar seating. I was surprised at how busy it was but very happy that we got that table with no wait.

      1. Yes, it is still excellent.

        They do not take reservations for parties of two.

        There is bar seating, but prepare to be crowded and bumped by those waiting for tables if you even get a seat.

        If you go before 7 the wait should be reasonable. After that, the place pretty much jams through closing.

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          Hmmm...getting mixed signals about the wait. Of course it can't be perfectly predicted. How would Haru compare for quality of food and length of wait? thx.

          1. re: bella_sarda

            I am not sure about the wait, but you can make reservations at Haru. IMO Haru is far inferior to Douzo, and more expensive to boot. If you want to spend more $, you can make a reservation at Oishii in the south end as well.

            1. re: bella_sarda

              I like both Haru and Douzo. Haru has some more creative options but for my standard order of salmon sashimi and spicy tuna, I choose Douzo. I was there with Heathermb last night and I thought the wait was unusually long. I can usually snag a seat at the sushi bar pretty easily but we got a bar table (in the corner out of the way of being bumped) within 5 minutes. Also by the time we left around 9:30, most of the bar area was empty.

          2. order the fresh wasabi!