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Jan 18, 2008 12:11 PM

Looking for a great Saskatchewan food product, farmer or chef

Hi all,

I write and publish a culinary mag devoted to eating, drinking and cooking on the Canadian Prairies...but we're always short on SK stories. So are there any Saskatchewan chowhounders out there? And if so, are you willing to list off your fave SK-grown or SK-made products, or chefs working with local ingredients. Thanks! EdiblePrairieJenn

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  1. Not from SK but you might want to talk to Dan Walker of Saskatoon's Weczeria at who I "spoken" to via "foodie sites" like this one but as of yet have not been there to dine. Should fit the bill vis-a-vis the use of local ingredients and owns his own restaurant.

    Please, please none of the "infamous" Saskatchewan "Greek Ribs"....[smile]

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      While I'm sure there are lots of ideas for you, I second the Weczeria referral. There is also Lee Helman at (and I believe they are now open at their new location downtown). Some other ideas I can think of off hand are and both of which are based out of Saskatoon.

      You may also want to try the site for inspiration.

    2. Saskatchewan is wild berry heaven - wild blueberries, wild cranberries, saskatoons of course. There are many people there with Northern European roots so you could probably find an angle about scandianavian home style cooking.

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        Thanks fellow Chowhounds. I'll give the great Prairie Chowhound community credit for these ideas on our blog and in our mag. These are great suggestions. I'm very keen on talking to the chef from Weczeria. Love their website. If you stumble across any other tasty SK finds, please let me know.

      2. My wholesale special dietary bakery purchases ground hemp seeds, hemp flour and hulled hemp seeds from both Hemp Oil Canada & Manitoba Harvest. These products are of high quality, very fresh and they are made by small sask. producers.

        Thats about all of my sask. culinary input.

        1. Just outside of Maple Creek on the way to Fort Walsh is a new "ranch turned winery" that has been getting some attention. I haven't been there but have driven by (it was closed the day I went) and have heard good things. If nothing else, it's a unique spot for a winery.

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            Does it produce its wine from grapes or more likely, fruit?

          2. I'm from Saskatoon, Sk. and all the good restaurants I like to go to seem to like serving Pine View Farms (PVF) Meats. I'm not sure what their claims are exactly but I think the gist of it is to serve natural (no meds or hormones etc.), Saskatchewan raised animals. They have a good website so you could check that out.