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Looking for a great Saskatchewan food product, farmer or chef

Hi all,

I write and publish a culinary mag devoted to eating, drinking and cooking on the Canadian Prairies...but we're always short on SK stories. So are there any Saskatchewan chowhounders out there? And if so, are you willing to list off your fave SK-grown or SK-made products, or chefs working with local ingredients. Thanks! EdiblePrairieJenn

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  1. Not from SK but you might want to talk to Dan Walker of Saskatoon's Weczeria at http://www.weczeriarestaurant.ca/ who I "spoken" to via "foodie sites" like this one but as of yet have not been there to dine. Should fit the bill vis-a-vis the use of local ingredients and owns his own restaurant.

    Please, please none of the "infamous" Saskatchewan "Greek Ribs"....[smile]

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      While I'm sure there are lots of ideas for you, I second the Weczeria referral. There is also Lee Helman at www.trufflesbistro.com (and I believe they are now open at their new location downtown). Some other ideas I can think of off hand are www.chattys.ca and www.droolindevil.com both of which are based out of Saskatoon.

      You may also want to try the www.saskmade.ca site for inspiration.

    2. Saskatchewan is wild berry heaven - wild blueberries, wild cranberries, saskatoons of course. There are many people there with Northern European roots so you could probably find an angle about scandianavian home style cooking.

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        Thanks fellow Chowhounds. I'll give the great Prairie Chowhound community credit for these ideas on our blog and in our mag. These are great suggestions. I'm very keen on talking to the chef from Weczeria. Love their website. If you stumble across any other tasty SK finds, please let me know.

      2. My wholesale special dietary bakery purchases ground hemp seeds, hemp flour and hulled hemp seeds from both Hemp Oil Canada & Manitoba Harvest. These products are of high quality, very fresh and they are made by small sask. producers.

        Thats about all of my sask. culinary input.

        1. Just outside of Maple Creek on the way to Fort Walsh is a new "ranch turned winery" that has been getting some attention. I haven't been there but have driven by (it was closed the day I went) and have heard good things. If nothing else, it's a unique spot for a winery.

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            Does it produce its wine from grapes or more likely, fruit?

          2. I'm from Saskatoon, Sk. and all the good restaurants I like to go to seem to like serving Pine View Farms (PVF) Meats. I'm not sure what their claims are exactly but I think the gist of it is to serve natural (no meds or hormones etc.), Saskatchewan raised animals. They have a good website so you could check that out.

            1. I lived in Sask for 4 years and have driven the entire province, here is my list of sask food products...

              Saskatoon Berry Syrup - but you can find every concevable variation of Saskatoon berry's jams, chocolate bars, tea, cider, champagne, etc
              Organic Wild Rice - Grown in the north
              Roasted Flax - you can eat it straight, very healthy. Also lots of other variations but I like this one.
              Cinnamon Raisin Bannock
              Trout - candied and wild west steelhead
              Barley cereal
              Pork - lots of pig farms. Mitchells processing plants are in Sask
              Canadian Prairie Lamb makes a variety of products
              Premium Canola Oil
              Noodles and Spaghetti - There are a couple places that make these
              Potatoes - grown near Outlook Sask...they make gourmet spuds
              Beer - Great Western Brewing Co

              ...that's all I can recall but there are many small food producers or specialty products.

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                Hi there I am a Chef that is moving back to Regina to help run a resturaunt. And I am looking for local farmed meats, local fish, vegetables and berry's and fruits.

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                  Osolinski meats in Wakaw had some of the best kielbasa and pepperoni I have ever tasted. Of course they do the obligatory perogies and cabbage rolls as well. Worth checking out if you have a connection further north!

              2. If you are covering local producers, don't forget to talk to Sheila and Barry Houser up near Senlac. They raise bison on their farm. It is outstanding. They don't wait past the second year so the animals are young and tender. They sell 'at the gate' so it isn't widely available. But awesome people farming responsibly.

                1. Don't forget prairie cherries in Lumsden.

                  1. How about cold-pressed Camelina oil? http://threefarmers.ca/trace/farmers

                    Wild Serendipity Foodshttp://www.wildserendipity.com/market.html

                    Pioneer Soda http://www.pioneersoda.com/home/index...

                    And Indian spices http://www.chattys.ca/

                    Lastly, look at the vendors listed under the Saskatoon Farmer's Market...


                    1. Haven't been yet, but I'm planning to try Orange Boot's baked goods (in Regina) in the near future.



                      1. Visited the Valley Bake & Coffee Shop in Fort Qu'Appelle, which still serves butterhorns (harder and harder to find, in my experience), and other traditional Prairie-style baked goods. Their $2 cinnamon rolls were the largest I've ever seen (larger than Cinnabon's monstrosity), as well as several types of donuts from scratch. Loaves of bread were 4 for $6, and their tasty cookies (I tried the peanut butter, white choc chip) were $0.50/piece, even though they were as big if not bigger than the $0.90 cookies found at Tim Horton's.

                        Nice people running the bake shop.

                        Nice to see a traditional bakery/coffee shop like this is doing well in Saskatchewan. It's getting harder and harder to find places like this east of the Red River, where I live.

                        Valley Bake & Coffee Shop

                        Downtown Fort Qu'Appelle

                        Hours: Mon - Sat 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

                        Sun 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

                        Phone: (306) 332-5344


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                          That is awesome! As I was diagnosed with celiac this year I cannot do bakeries any longer...that drives me crazy. It is a great thing for Saskatchewan, though, that is for certain!

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                            chefathome, there is a company in Regina that makes gluten free muffin mixes that are to die for. Chocolate muffins, cinnamon apple I think - they are a www.onlyoats.ca Oats are not yet approved for celiac here but I believe they are in the States - they are approved gluten free there. pancake mixes too. Good luck! My son and husband eat them and have no idea they contain no wheat flour, just oats.

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                              Thanks for the info! The products you mention sound so good. I was told I cannot have any oats, even certified GF oats, for two years post diagnosis to give my gut time to heal (not a gluten issue but a healing issue). Therefore I still have 1.5 years to go without any oats. Am also lactose intolerant. Not easy when you are a major foodie, that is for certain. Sigh...

                              Anyway, I do tons of delicious GF baking including brownies, cakes, cookies, pastry, pizza crust, fresh pasta, breads, etc. It would just be nice once in a while to be able to go to a bakery! I love that more and more companies offer us options.

                              Thanks again.

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                                I have a good recipe for gluten free pancakes if you want it - translates reasonably well to waffles too :) I make black bean brownies that my dh and ds don't know have no wheat either lol. Tough go definitely for a foodie - we can have wheat, just not overloading on it, so not celiac, just not as tolerant as we would like. Good luck!

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                                  Thank you so much but I do have lots of yummy pancake/waffle recipes. I know what you mean about adding black beans to things - it works very well and adds necessary fibre that we seem to be missing.

                                  On second thought, there can never be such a thing as too many recipes. If you have the time would you mind posting your pancake recipe? I'm always looking to improve some that I have. Thanks!

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                                    Just a friendly reminder that recipes are off topic for Regional Boards. Please post recipes on the Home Cooking Board so all hounds can benefit, and if relevant post a pointer to the recipe back here.


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                                  Hello chefathome, I hope that you've found this recently opened Regina, SK bakery by now..but if not: http://kneadedbakeshop.com/.

                                  VC, Regina, SK

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                                    Oh, wow. How awesome is that?? I rarely get to Regina but will definitely go there when we do go. Thanks!

                            2. re: prima

                              Added to database - love adding out of the way places:

                              Valley Bake & Coffee Shop
                              161 Broadway St E, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK S0G 1S0, CA