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Jan 18, 2008 11:49 AM

What to get at the Fatted Calf for a weekend cookout?

I'm thinking of doing some grilling this weekend and also have been wanting to check out the Fatted Calf at the Berkeley Farmer's Market.

Have any of you tried the roasts at home? Any suggestions regarding which sausages to try?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. This is a good place to start:

    Try grilling the bacon. Indirect heat, of course.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say this: everything is good.

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      Thanks for the link Morton.

      Looks like they only have 2 roast options this week. I guess I'll try the lamb sirloin unless anyone speaks up for the pork rib roast.

      Maybe I'll get a couple crepinettes just to make sure the pig is represented at the table.

      1. re: 10foot5

        Crepinettes are good....I would skip the pork roast and lamb sirloin...nothing special you can not do yourself....

        1. re: Pollo


          Maybe I'll just do a sausage grab bag. This week they have;

          Mexi Chorizo
          Hot Italian
          Sweet Italian

          I'm thinking Crepinettes, Merguez, Hot Italian. Any other must tries?

          1. re: 10foot5

            The merguez are really great, and I think that I've had good luck with the toulouse as well.

            1. re: 10foot5

              That's a great place to start. Try to get to the market early (it opens at 10) because they sell out fast.

              1. re: 10foot5

                Try Knockwurst, Sweet Italian or Toulouse....good versions...all the other I tried and found them way too fat...especially Mex Chorizo...

                1. re: Pollo

                  And Mex Chorizo comes in bulk, no casing. Hot Italian is also lower in fat.

                2. re: 10foot5

                  As noted above, everything is good. As such, I always have a tough time limiting myself. ;-)

                  For a cookout, I'd go with the andouille (great smoky outdoorsy flavor), merguez (what I'm grilling this weekend), and/or Toulouse (their version is very nice). This week's crepinettes sound right tasty, so I would be tempted to grab a couple of those too.

                  I can't speak to the porchetta-style roast, specifically. We've had 3 different pre-seasoned roasts from FC, 2 of which were sublime (brasato al midolo, pork rib roast w/pimenton) and 1 of which was very good (lamb w/rosemary & mustard).

                  Their Mex chorizo, while quite good, is IMO not very Mexican--at times I've detected hints of mustard and marjoram. It's not a great option for grilling, but it certainly could be a nice addition to tomorrow's breakfast. In contrast to Pollo's experience, I've found FC's chorizo to be pretty lean, with a shockingly small amount of fat rendering out of it. But just as there are variations in flavor from batch to batch, I imagine there is variability in fat content too.

          2. i've had the toulouse and knockwurst, and both deserve the praise they're getting here. but i have to say that their knockwurst is absolutely delicious. i realize that it's saturday night and you have most likely picked your selections, but that knockwurst is juicy, smokey, and peerless. if you didn't grab some this weekend, do so soon.

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            1. re: augustiner

              Yes, the knockwurst is probably the best hot dog I have ever had. I have no idea what proper knockwurst tastes like.

            2. I went with Crepinettes, Merguez and Toulouse.

              Thanks for all the suggestions.