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Jul 19, 2001 09:53 PM

Tahiti restaurant

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Has anyone been to the restaurant called Tahiti on 3rd St? My husband and I are thinking of going there, but after reading about it in the Zagat I'm not sure if I'd like it. We're looking for a restaurant that isn't too expensive, has good food and is on the Westside. The Zagat says that Tahiti has a number of patrons in the "pre-AARP" group. I'm 39, and I'm not sure if I fall into this category or not!

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  1. Someone dragged me there a couple yrs ago. Don't remember much except that I thought it was one of the worst, tackiest restaurants I'd ever been to, and I vowed never to go anywhere this friend suggested again... but hey, judging from crowds, a lot of people like it!

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      Thanks for replying. Sounds like a place that wouldn't interest me in the slightest!

    2. The bar side is fun on winter nights because they have a fireplace... the food in the restaurant side, however, has never impressed me...

      1. I'm glad someone brought this restaurant up, I had blocked it out of memory. I remember thinking for days afterward, in addition to being sick from the cough syrup-like sauce that came on my fish, how on earth does a restaurant like this survive? Tropical Italian? A dreadful menu, lousy service, I suppose one could have fun with umbrella cocktails, but really...

        In that general area, I've always liked the Authentic Cafe on Beverly.

        1. Hi, Karen - not that you asked, but in the area of Tahiti you'll find a handful of spots far better and within the same price range. I'll list a few that I like (others may disagree but I promise: all are better than Tahiti, and w/in one mile of that location!): India's Oven, Sofi, Zen Grill, Mishima, Mandarette, Ubon, Du-Par's.

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            Thanks, Lisa. We ended up at a restaurant, far from the Westside - Galletto, in Westlake (which is fabulous, by the way). I'll have to try some of the other restaurants you mentioned, though. Thanks for responding!