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Jul 19, 2001 08:43 PM

Chinese food mavens: Am looking for preserved apples and pears

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Ok. I've been to several markets like 99 Ranch and Ai Hoa. Has anyone seen these preserved fruits? They are a specialty of Hebei province, and Beijing and Tianjin. They are basically a type of glaceed fruit, they come in a box, usually just apples or pears, individually wrapped. Now, these are not the Southern Chinese style salted preserved fruits, like dried plums (chinese umeboshi) or apricots or chinese olives. These aren't salted at all and have no licorice or anise flavor. They're just lightly glaceed. And they're great. The chinese term for the fruit is Fu. So apples are Ping-guo fu, pears are li-fu. Years ago I could find them easily in markets and drugstores but I think that the Southern Chinese clientele doesn't care for them much prefering the salted fruit, so the bigger stores have stopped carrying them. Help. thanx.

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