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Jan 18, 2008 11:07 AM


Anyone know where one can buy guanciale in the DC area?

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  1. Have you been to I'm pretty sure they're based out of DC and semi-recently had a post about using guanciale. I can't find the exact page I was looking for, but here's one of the posts about it

    I've never seen it around Baltimore, but there's plenty of pancetta around.

    1. Ya' know, finding any specialty cured meats is going to be a pretty big hastle because there are very few people in either the DC or Baltimore area who actually need enough of this stuff to create a market for it. I worked in the "specialty food" business in Baltimore for about 7 years and I can tell you that in that time only 2 customers have ever asked for Guanciale. You're better off picking up the Brian Polcyn/Michael Ruhlman book "Charcuterie" and making this stuff yourself. The recipe's are easy to follow and almost anyone with a handful of cooking skills, some spare time and some guts should be able to pull-off anything in their book with great success. Otherwise, suck it up and spend the big bucks and mail order it from New York or Salumi in Seattle.
      If you need fresh pork to make it yourself, try a local pork producer. I'll bet they would be happy to provide you with a weird cut such as pork cheek.

      1. I will have to say I seem to remember seeing guanciale for sale somewhere in Baltimore, and probably at Ceriello's at Belvedere Square in Baltimore. But it may have been a one time thing, and they may not stock it anymore.

        If you can wait, order it from an online source.

        1. I just got some guanciale today at the Italian Store!

          3123 Lee Highway
          Arlington, VA 2220
          (703) 528-6266

          I do realize that I am responding to a very old request, but perhaps this will help someone?

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            Stachowski's often has it, as does Red Apron

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              Stachowski's guanciale is smoked and is also skin on, neither of which are traditional. Its good, just not at all like the real deal. I like to just chew on a slice and let the fat melt in my mouth while the skin softens enough to bite thru.

          2. Society Faire in Old Town Alexandria has delicious guaniciale for about $6.99/lb.

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              I second Society Faire - Also Bev at Ecofriendly at the Dupont and Courthouse Farmers Markets and Red Apron Butchers, Union Market, Penn Quarter, and Falls Church...