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Moroccan restaurant?

I'm looking for a good moroccan restaurant, preferably in the SFV, near Silverlake/hollywood, or Santa Monica/West LA. Prefer inexpensive, but willing to splurge if it's great. Belly dancers a plus. :)

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  1. Sometimes belly dancers are a minus.. Depends on who's belly dancing that night! =D

    1. Tagine on Roberston is the best...no belly dancers, but cool place with amazing food and terrific service!

      1. dar maghreb on sunset blvd. decor is like straight out of morocco, belly dancers, and a multicoursed meal! very fun!

        1. Cheamu is quite good though also sans belly dancers.


          1. Tagine and Chameau are "foodie" places; no belly-dancers, decor and background music not notably ethnic (when I was last at Tagine, it was 70's rock. not an improvement. . . . ), no "all eat from one plate" ritual. I think Chameau is actually the better of the two; I actually found service at Tagine indifferent.

            Dar Magreb and Moun of Tunis are the flip side of that experience, whether authentic or not, with music, decor, service intended to evoke a more exotic location than Sunset near Fairfax. . .

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              I've only ever had great service at Tagine, and I believe you can request belly dancers if your party wants them. Tagine is on Robertson in Beverly Hills. I also like Chameau, which is on Fairfax.



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                Trying to imagine how much of a belly dancer you could even SEE at Tagine, which was one of the darkest restaurants I've ever eaten in...

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                Yep, Tagine is more of a modernized Moroccan: no belly dancers & no "family style" eating. The food was pretty good, though I found the service sub-par. And yes, it is very dark!

                My blog post + photos from a recent trip there:


              3. If you are all about the food then you should go to Simon's Cafe in Sherman Oaks. Prices are right too. Charming owner / chef and his wife run / own it. Not flashy and no belly dancers, but then again you aren't having to pay for them either.


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                  I love simon's. When I want the belly dancers, I go to Moun of Tunis in Hollywood. DD

                2. I've enjoyed the meal for over 20 years at The Marrakesh Restaurant, On Ventura just west of Coldwater Cyn.
                  And yes, they have belly dancers.

                  1. Koutoubia on Westwood Blvd. is very good. Michel, the owner, serves an authentic Moroccan menu. They have a small room with traditional harem like decor and the adjoining bar, Cafe Momo. I had a private party in the bar with belly dancers, but I don't know if they're there every night. Book ahead if you want to sit on the floor. Also, it's a little expensive. Check them at

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                      I used to be a fan of Koutoubia a few years back when I lived in Westwood. His mother used to be the chef and she turned out wonderful dishes... Since then someone else has taken over and the food is definitely NOT as good. The salads were good but the chicken bastilla was absolutely awful!