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Duck confit & duck fat

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Am trying to buy both for a cassoulet and have tried Gelson's, Whole Foods, and Bristol Farms where the guy there didn't even know what I was talking about...oh well.
Anybody know where they might be for sale, the confit should come in packs and the duck fat in a tub. Thanks for your info.

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  1. I'm almost certain Surfas would carry both. I saw duck confit for sale at the Whole foods in Santa Monica during the holidays.

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      Nicole's in South Pasadena has both...

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        The confit at Surfas is ridiculously expensive. The fat is not as overly price but might as well get it from Whole Foods or Nicole's.

      2. Easy. Nicole's Gourmet Foods in South Pasadena carries both duck confit (canned or in cryovac packs) and duck fat (2 lb. tub or 4 lb. tub). Check out the website for reference -- it's listed under the foie gras products. And I'm sure Surfas would have both as well.


        1. I've been to both Surfas and the 3rd/Fairfax Whole Foods last week and both had duck confit and rendered fat. Whole Food was cheaper than Surfas, but I think the confit at Sufas is better. They also have French duck confits in cans at Surfas.
          At Whole Foods the confit, etc. were at the cheese/deli counter.

          1. I know they aren't French ducks, but duck legs are dirt cheap at a lot of Asian markets - 99 Ranch usually has'em - and confit is really easy to make, if a tad time-consuming. The ready-made confit, while not in truffle territory, is expensive enough to have gotten me into rolling my own.

            I very much second the advice to go to either Surfas or Nicole's depending on which one is closer to you. The last tub of duck fat I got was at Surfas (they had goose fat, too, but lots more $$), just because I was there anyway, but I think both places were priced about the same.

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              Is there a specific recipe that you use for making duck confit? I've always seen the dug legs available at Asian markets, and would love to experiment w/ them.

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                Go on over to the Home Cooking Board and query that - I believe there was a thread about that sometime in the last year or two. I've used combinations of Julia's, Tony Bourdain's and Jane Grigson's recipes, but the best single one is in Paula Wolfert's "The Cooking of South-West France." It is very easy to do, it just takes a while - salt and wait, rinse and dry and wait, cook a long time, refrigerate and wait for a week or more...

                Hot tip: Gelson's always has turkey thighs for cheap, and they make a luscious confit.

            2. I work at Sur La Table, and we sell Duck Fat. :)

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                In what quantities? Last time I looked (alright, it's been a few years) it came in tiny little tubs that would take a few dozen to do a decent confit.

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                  It comes in 11 oz jars. At least that's what we have at the Glendale Americana location.

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                    You can't reasonably confit in less than a litre of fat (you have to seal the legs in fat to age)...

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                  Since he asked the question 4 years ago I am guessing Thorn either found it already or gave up. :)

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                    These forums show up in search results for many people who try to find ingredients.

                3. Whole Foods Glendale sells rendered duck fat. And duck legs. I am in the middle of making Cassoulet myself and went ahead and did the confit myself. If you have the time, it is very easy. I used Emeril's recipe and it was perfect:


                  1. When I saw this post I just have to say that BEER BELLY in KTown has amazing "Death by Duck" fries, which are fried in duck fat served w/ duck confit on top :) #JUSTSAYIN :)

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                        Is 320 Main the joint in seal beach? i think someone mentioned the steak dish is pretty darn good there? any truth to that, or any knowledge of that? and what else is good at 320 main?

                        i usally just head over to Beachwood on Main St in Seal Beach for some eats and beers. I especially like the tater tots fried in duck fat with duck gravy and smoked mozzarrella curs and there duck boudin at Beachwood. Weirdly, there food is pretty good for newfangled BBQ and bar snacks.

                        sadlly, i did not get the big deal about the duck fat fries topped with shredded duck confit. The confit was tasty, but the thin-cut fries were just a pale imitation of regular frities. but I'm still curious to try the Lucky Charm's french toast with fruity pebbles whipped cream. sadly, they only sere it at sunday brunch and their brunch sadly also starts at the late hipster hour of 12pm.

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                          Are you recommending the dish at 320 Main Street?

                          320 Main Street
                          320 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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                            I don't like duck confit fries very much, so I'm simply saying its available. (I love duck confit, and I love potatoes cooked to brown in duck fat, but I don't like the two together.)

                            I haven't eaten much at 320 Main. I've had their prime rib and I like their burger; I usually go to drink, because it's one of, if not THE premier cocktail bar in OC.

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                              Nice, I'll try to sneak in a tipple.

                              And if anyone's still looking for confit and duck fat to cook at hoe, some Costco stores in the SF Bay Area carry them. Maybe you'll find it in the LA stores.

                              Surfas Restaurant & Supply
                              8777 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

                              Beachwood BBQ
                              131 1/2 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

                              Whole Foods Market
                              331 N Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91206

                              Nicole's Gourmet Foods
                              921 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

                              Beer Belly LA
                              532 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

                              320 Main Street
                              320 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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                                Ill have to try 320, and then still go grab the smoked duck tater tots at Beahwood too, ...

                      2. And as a bonus, you get a cooked duck! Possibly the nicest by-product on the planet. My congratulations; you'll probably be wanting to do that some more.

                        The last goose cooked on my Pa-in-law's watch threw off a good liter of fat. I still have it in the fridge, and it's not rancid or anything, though it now has duck and some lard mixed in. Just make sure it's poured off any precipitated liquid - that's what will sour and spoil it.