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Jan 18, 2008 10:19 AM

Full Cream, Double Cream and Cooking Cream

I was from South East Asia and moved to Vancouver, BC couple years back. I brought some cookbooks with me that requires Full Cream, Double Cream and Cooking Cream.

I do not seem to be able to find these in the local supermarkets. Are these known as other names in North America?

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  1. The equivalent, or the nearest equivalent in LA, is called heavy cream, heavy whipping cream, or some combination of the two terms. The lovely golden creams of the British Empire are, sadly, missing from our area.

    1. I started to look this up on the net after reading your question. Is it possible that full cream is simply whole milk? Here is a link about double & single cream: The former is higher in fat than our whipping cream and single cream is kind of like our half & half. When you get whipping cream, the best product is one without stabilizers. I think you see this more in the organic & local brands. Double cream is a good search term on google. As for cooking cream - sounds like heavy (whipping) cream with stabilizers. You can search google for this too. If you want clotted cream, it's accessible in specialty shops.

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        Thanks for both replies. I have been using whipping cream as substitute and it works, but the cooking time is slightly off.

      2. I'm not sure about the full cream or cooking cream, but it's hard to find double cream in the states. The most common sub is heavy whipping cream, but the milk fat content is not as high as that of double cream. I've been able to find "european style heavy cream" on occasion, which has a fat content near that of double cream.