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Jul 19, 2001 11:15 AM

Sawtell Kitchen

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My much better half and I have been on something of a Sawtell Kitchen binge the last few weeks. It offers what my wife says is "japanese home cooking" just like her Aunt in Yokohama makes. On Tuesday I tried their most expensive dish, the lamb shank for 12.95, it was a nicely cooked, falling off the bone lamb shank served with a brown gravy that had a ginger flavor. It comes with some potato wedges that are a bit spicy, browned in the oven and some sadly overcooked carrots. They offer a side of either rolls or rice, and it comes with a bowl of miso and a small green salad. They have lots of other choices in the same sort of vein, my wife is stuck on the japanese meatloaf and our son had a chicken curry, (which I would not recommend). In fact if you want a curry I would suggest sticking with the tonkatsu style of breaded and fried meat. It really is Japanese comfort food. They have a small patio which is very nice, (if a bit noisy from Sawtell traffic), and the inside has sort of a dark cave like atmosphere. Good service normally. It is located just south of La Grange on the east side of Sawtell, 2 blocks north of Olympic Blvd. in the heart of West LA's J Village.

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  1. We used to go to this restaurant a lot and always loved it. I think we stopped going back because there was always a wait for a table (it's a very small restaurant).

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      We normally go early or not at all. Our other coping method for busy places is to go on Monday's and see how the wait is, if any.