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Jan 18, 2008 10:12 AM

seabra's, perth amboy

anyone been there recently? trying to plan a party (had one there 2 years ago, was great but haven't been there since). wondering if radizzio is still good, seafood, and/or service comments. TIA

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  1. I think it depends how big your party will be. We had a class reunion there and we were very disappointed but then that was the catering menu we worked off of. The best Portuguese food in that area is at The Portuguese Manor on Elm Street. It lacks the ambiance of Seabra's but wins for it's food hands down.

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    1. re: sunsetterdottie

      Thanks, my concern is the service -- was the reunion buffet? Thanks

      1. re: nyebaby37

        Yes, it was but even at that service was mediocre. Also, they told us we would have not necessarily top shelf liquor but definately brand name and that was not the case. It was stock brands. It was a shame because you can't beat the view. We used to live close by and frequent the dining room and bar regularly. Can't say I have been there since the banquet incident but a friend of mine did go last summer and was very disappointed. My suggestion would be to give it a test ride before you commit.