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Jan 18, 2008 10:10 AM

Spicy Mexican Grill - Old Town SD

I recall this place being recced awhile back - why and what is good here? It always seems empty when I walk by.

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  1. KR: I have been to Spicy twice and if my husband was a better sport about it, we would go there every couple of weeks. Sorry but I cant be very specific but both times the food was very good/excellent. The menu has the usual stuff - tacos, enchiladas, ect., but with unusual ingredients and sauces. Three excellent salsas and excellent chips start you off. Service is professional. Prices are higher than the competition. Portions are generous. Both times the place was nearly empty (midweek). Its worth trying. I hope they dont dumb down the menu to attract more business.

    1. We probably have lunch at Spicy Mexican Grill twice a month or so. We really like the light, fresh, and authentic nature of the food at this restaurant, which is run by the owners of El Agave down the street, so hopefully there won't be any dumbing down of the menu. It's usually pretty empty when we've been there too.

      We usually order some of the tortas, enchiladas, or sometimes graze on appetizers, all of which are very good. One of my favorites is the Enchiladas Divorciadas, which is two chicken enchiladas , one with a verde tomatillo sauce and the other with a rojo jalapeno sauce, separated down the middle with rice and beans.

      Service has always been good, unobtrusive, and polite. It's less expensive than El Agave but more expensive than all those Calmex restaurants in Old Town.

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          Yes, it's closed unfortunately.