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Jan 18, 2008 09:52 AM

Best Coffee Cake in LA?

I remember the coffee cake from Corner Bakery is really good, but does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I agree! Corner Bakery coffee cake is really good. I also like the Summer Camp Coffeecake at La Brea Bakery and the Coffeecake Muffins at The Farm are really delicious.

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      Thanks! So do you think I should go to the Corner Bakery or La Brea Bakery? (I'm thinking muffins not as good...)

    2. I'm not a big coffee cake eater, but used to get the one at Bristol Farms a lot, it was really good.

      1. school coffee cake, any LAUSD school school will have great cake, if the lunch ladies make it. the usually only make it once a week

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          We moved a few posts discussing the LAUSD coffee cake recipe over to our Home Cooking board so more home cooking hounds would see the recipe. You can find that thread here:

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            The correct link to this interesting discussion on LAUSD coffee cake seems to be:


            (PayOrPlay Jr. started kindergarten in LAUSD this year, but so far has insisted that I keep making his snacks and lunches every *&^^%! morning--maybe this will spark his interest. :-)


            The best coffee cake I can think of is actually king cake (and so far we have never ever found anything here in LA to equal the mail order cakes you can get from Haydel's, etc.), so if anyone has any local suggestions for this year's Mardi Gras season king cake threads, they're most welcome!


        2. Gourmet Coffee Warehouse on Rose, now Groundworks, used to have these great squares of coffeecake with a brown sugar topping (which I'm pretty sure has ground nuts or is made in a place with nuts) and a similar line of streusel in the middle. Don't know if Groundworks still has it, but I've been pretty psyched to see the same coffeecake at Coffee Bean. It's the square one, not the bundt-shaped one (which is nowhere near as good).

          So the short answer: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the square coffee cake.

          For a while, a waitress as the O.P. Cafe on Ocean Park near 31st was making a killer blueberry coffee cake and other homey baked treats, but either she left or something because last time I went, they got their stuff from La Brea Bakery. It was okay, but not as good. (Come back, baker waitress!)

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            Trader Joe's has this cake, or at least it used to. I haven't looked for it for awhile. It's sour cream coffee cake and it's delish. My mother used to make it, as have I from her recipe and this cake tastes just like it.

          2. actually, starbuck's has a great streusel coffee cake, not the reduced fat swirl thing, but this is a nice huge square with LOTS of streusel, no nuts :)

            beverlywood bakery too, iirc, but this has nuts.