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Jan 18, 2008 09:10 AM

Whole belly clams in NH?

I am travelling from Baltimore this weekend for a wedding near Bristol,NH. Any time I come to New England I want to get my fix of whole belly fried clams. So is there anywhere btwn Manchester airport and Bristol, NH that I can stop for yummy whole belly clams?

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  1. Lexpatti, does Tinker's have them?

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    1. re: whs

      OMG YES!! and they are to DIE for. I go there at least once a month for a "clam fix" There is not a better place within 20 miles for those babies.

      great... now I want some and they do not deliver!

      1. re: gryphonskeeper

        Yes, they did anyway the last time I went - soooo fantastic. There is also another place that I have found in Northfield (not sure if they are serving them now but they are open all year). Dipsy Doodle is just off exit 19. (only a couple exits from Bristol).

        1. re: lexpatti

          We haven't been for awhile but in Concord NH we usually get fried clams (and scallops) at Beefside. Take exit13 off Rt 93, turn right. Go up the hill and it will be on your right. Small place. Good onion rings, too.

          Sorry I was late replying. Hope you found some good clams.

    2. Clam King
      (603) 669-2868
      791 2nd St, Manchester, NH 03102

      Exit 4 off of 293

      Not the best whole belly clams New England has to offer (a little too much breading for my preference), but still good.

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      1. re: LStaff

        The one time I walked in, the place reeked of stale cooking oil. Turned around and walked out.

        1. re: whs

          I did not like the Clam King either, they charged me $2 for TAP water, and the lat time I went my clams tasted like cold greasy cardboard, and they were too chewy. Whole belly clams should be delicate. and crisp, not gummy and greasy. For $20 a plate I expected MUCH better.

      2. sooooo, how did you do amaebi? Did you find any?

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        1. re: lexpatti

          Sorry it took me long to reply. We ended up running behind so at risk of missing our flight we went to Clam King right before we returned the rental car. I know a lot of you tried to advise against it. But keep in mind that my standard for whole belly clams is lower since I don't get to eat them that often and will take what I can get! I thought these were actually very good! sweet and not too greasy! I got a large order (~$22), ate some right away and actually had leftovers for the next 2 days which I heated in the toaster oven and they tasted great. Makes me want more now. thanks for all the advice- hopefully I will get a chance to try the other recommendations!

          1. re: amaebi

            Well good you got your fix, I know what it's like to be running to an airport and want one last favorite dish from the area. You should see me leaving New Orleans.