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Jul 18, 2001 10:58 PM

Thai Fusion & Boba

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I had dinner at Thai Fusion last night, it above CPK in Brentwood in the mall on San Vicente. The food was better than most westside Thai (e.g. Chandara, Toi), but not as good as some of the Thai Town places like Mae Ploy, or Kruang Tedd. The restaurant is owned by the people that own Boba World, and they offer a wide selection of Boba drinks. I had my favorite, a coconut smoothie w/boba. So if you are looking for sit-down place for dinner that serves Boba drinks, and I MAY be the only one who was, Thai Fusion was a score. :)

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  1. must agree with you on thai fusion, although I have to say, the boba is better in the sawtelle district. but it depends if you're looking for smoothies or tea drinks.

    relaxtation in the olympic center on sawtelle (west LA) is the best for tea drinks. their pearl milk teas set the standard, but their jasmine pearl milk teas are the best I've found in SoCal so far. unlike other boba places, they don't fudge on the quality of the tea, so it's especially fragrant.

    if you're looking for boba smoothie drinks, right around the corner from relaxtation is CJ's. the signature drink there is the snow bubble, which features ice blended drinks -- with flavors like passionfruit, red bean, chocolate, taro, green tea, etc -- with boba on the bottom. my personal favorite is the taro snowbubble. :)

    (btw.. in case you're wondering, boba and tapioca pearls refer to the same thing: those little squishy black round "pearls" featured in asian drinks.)

    1. The owners of Noodle World have opened up a Noodle/Boba World in Old Town Pasadena.
      Good food at very reasonable prices. Cash only!

      The honeydew boba smoothie rocks!!