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Jan 18, 2008 09:03 AM

things that go well with BEER...

instead of my normal wine-and-hors d'oeuvres soirees, I'm thinking about serving beer for my next casual get-together with friends. but I'm so accustomed to serving wine and wine-related food that I'm looking for ideas of things that specifically enhance one's enjoyment of beer. in my family, this generally means pizza, burgers, or Chinese food, but as this is more a casual party than dinner, and since I have a small kitchen, I'd like to stick to finger foods and things that can be prepared in advance. ideas? and beer pairings? thanks!

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  1. Spiced nuts, candied nuts, or spiced candied nuts with bacon (the recipe is somewhere on this board).

    My new favorite finger food is bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. Or shrimp, but water chestnuts are cheaper and harder to overcook.

    Just think of your favorite happy hour menu and start from there. Get some cheddar cheese and toss into the processor with some garlic/shallots and beer - beer cheese ball with pretzels or pita chips.

    Meat pies are also good. You could make your own biscuit dough, but I use the Pillsbury-in-a-can biscuits. Cook up ground beef with onion, garlic, pine nuts, allspice, and S&P. Drain the excess liquid, mix in cream cheese as a binder, then plop a spoonful onto the biscuit dough. Fold in half, seal the edges (and poke a steam hole), and bake as directed.

    How about meatball sliders? Cut rounds from brioche and toast. Top with a meatball, carmelized onions, goat cheese, bacon or other toppings and add a fancy skewer to keep it all together.

    1. Sausages are fantastic stewed in beer. Saute an onion or two in the largest skillet you have, just until they begin to soften. Add thickly sliced sausages and continue sauteing until the onions begin to caramelize and the sausages are browned. Pour in the better part of one beer, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Season. Serve over mashed potatoes, or with sauerkraut on pumpernickel buns, or really any way you can think of.

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        Whoa, we just posted similar answers at about the same time. Freaky!

      2. Beer and brats! So I've actually never had them together but they are a standard combo. I hear the best way is to boil them in some bear and onions and then sear them before serving. You could probably slice them up and place them on some pretzel bread with mustard and some sauerkraut.

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          And the wonderful three ingredient beer bread, of course, with the beer/cheese spread!

        2. Skewers (Sates, etc.)
          Certain Dim Sum dishes
          Tapas like Chorizos, Spicy Potatoes, etc.

          1. Homemade pretzel bites always go over well.. Chowhound just had a recipe a few days ago. and you can always fancy it up a bit with gourmet mustards.

            You can also do a cheddar/beer fondue

            I would think salty foods with strong flavors (ie bacon good, figs bad) and plenty of carbs (remember beer is liquid bread!)