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Jan 18, 2008 08:35 AM

JP delivery

I'm housesitting in JP, not my usual 'hood, this weekend. What's good for delivery (to the Faulkner Hospital area)? I especially want Chinese, but Indian or anything else interesting would be fine. If there's no good delivery, what's very easy to find for takeout? Is Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village the closest good Chinese?


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  1. India Samraat will deliver to you, here's a recent post:

    So does Pepper Pot, if you're looking for Jamaican. I like it better than Ortanique in Cambridge.

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    1. re: gini

      Thanks for the link to the India Samraat thread--I had searched "Jamaica Plain delivery" with no success.

    2. Best Chinese in JP is Food Wall, down across the street from the Brendan Behan pub. Delicious!!

      Bukhara is also great Indian food, but I'm not sure if they deliver.
      (looks like they deliver through Dining In)

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      1. re: Jet62879

        I lived 1/2 mile from Food Wall and it's quite possibly the worst chinese food I've ever had. Some people like it, but that's usually because 1. it's cheap or 2. they are drunk. that said, there's no good chinese in JP proper. (and FWIW, when I'm drunk at the Beehan, I go for pupusas and/or empenadas next door instead).

        1. re: MB fka MB

          i live in jp and have been getting take out at food wall on a semi-regular basis for years. i've never had anything nearly as bad as you describe. as far as americanized-chinese take out goes, i've had both better and (much) worse. your invective is exaggerated.

          1. re: autopi

            Here's the thing about chowhound, we all have different tastes and different opinions, which is why we're all here in the first place.

            I've ordered takeout from Food Wall and it went in the trash = worst chinese I've ever had. In my experience, people who enjoy Food Wall are most often drunk at the Beehan. This is all based on my own personal experience and therefore, IMHO, you are not at all qualified to say whether my "invective is exaggerated" or not.

            And yes I had to look up invective, so thanks for the new vocabulary word, but hardly do I find my opinion to be quite that rough, I mean, it is Food Wall... And FWIW, I know you and I have agreed plenty in the past, so c'mon.

            1. re: MB fka MB

              reviving the thread to say one more thing. i've been making an effort in the last few weeks to try out the cluster of camberville/north of the river chinese joints--qingdao, shangri-la and wang's. (still need to get to mulan and mary chung's.) in trying to figure out what to order, i noticed that MB had posted a bit with recs for some of those places (thanks!) and i think i see now that our disagreement might stem from not having the same point of comparison.

              to wit, food wall is nowhere, not even close, just cannot hold a candle to any of these places. to think otherwise would be something of a perverse joke. if they are the basis of your chinese takeout evaluations, well, frankly, i'm very jealous. i wish we had anything close to that level in jp, but we don't.

              that said, my defense of food wall is in comparison to what i consider to be straightforwardly americanized-gloppy sauce-lemon chicken-fried rice-crab rangoon-suburban takeout. and on that score, i think it does pretty well. but i consider that a different category, and defending it on that basis. but yeah, if you can make it north of the river for chinese, that's what you should do.

              anyway, my mea culpa if we were talking past each other.

      2. I think Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury may deliver. This is much better Indian than Bukhara. In fact, it's just plain amazing IMHO.

        As you say, the best Chinese is likely Sichuan Garden. Nothing in JP can compare.

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        1. re: bakemeacake

          i have not been to himalyan bistro--yet--but bukhara is just plain bad.

          i like food wall, but it's very standard americanized chinese take out. good for what it is, and significantly better than jp's other americanized chinese place down in the centre.

          however, i do really like the pizza from dogwood cafe. i think our favorite is the "magnolia." some like the crust extra crisp; we prefer it regular.

          i have limited experience with sichuan garden, but i wouldn't expect anything particularly great there either. i think it's ok.

        2. I live in central JP and the only places we have found for delivery are pizza, Chinese, and Bella Luna. We do Bella Luna and Same Old Place frequently. Food Wall is the "best" of a bad lot of take-out Chinese places. Its semi-editable and serves a purpose in emergency situations. DiningIn.Com used to provide a few more options for the neighborhood, but they stopped operating here a few years ago for some reason. If people know about other, better delivery options for JP, I'd love to hear about them.

          1. Even though this is an old thread, I thought that I would add something to it. I am not a fan of the restaurants in JP that deliver; however, I do like some restaurants outside of JP that will deliver. The two places that I find myself ordering from most frequently are King Fung Garden II in Brookline and Penguin Pizza in Brigham Circle.

            Since they are coming from outside the neighborhood, I tip more than usual, and I sometimes have to reheat the food a bit, but it is worth it.