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Jan 18, 2008 08:06 AM


Would love reports from any early adopters: menu, room, vibe? How does it compare and contrast to B & B? And is it really an Italian "Steakhouse" that can compete with the rest of the town's top cow cookers, or just a Batali Italian that has some steaks on the menu? Do tell.

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  1. Would also love to hear a full review; we'll be in town in a couple weeks and made reservations, subject to 'hounds' review. The menu is now posted on the website, though, fyi.

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    1. re: jcr05

      Yikes, look at the beef prices. Expensive even for Vegas, or at least notable by the absence of less expensive meat options. Still, I am calling for a reservation, subject to approval by our friend who we are meeting there.

      1. re: Debbie W

        The 8 oz. filet seems just a few dollars more than what most steak restaurants charge......I'm curious to know if the price differences are small vs. large portions, or lunch vs. dinner since they are open for lunch too. Either way, I think we'll check it out as well unless I hear terrible things between now and then.

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          Yep, you're right. My husband and I tend to share steaks anyway, and we'd likely gravitate to the 16 oz. N.Y. strip, if we have steak at all. Both pork items look interesting, as does the lamb. I tend not to eat veal, although I make an exception every now and again. The "slightly charred crust" on the beef worries me a bit because I really don't like the taste of char. So, who knows. Anyway, I'm sure the pastas are great as they tend to be at Batali's places. Beef carpaccio with warm lardo crostini sounds delectable. Same with the duck egg. I don't know if we'd even need much meat, if any.

          BTW, I'm having a hard time getting through, either getting a busy signal or an error message. And they're not on Open Table as of now. Edit: got through, got reservation, didn't get an answer about whether they would be going onto Open Table since the person I talked to has never heard of it!

    2. Just made reservations for our trip the week of 2/18. Since we both love steak, pasta and wine, this seemed like a great choice.

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        We just returned from our trip and I'm happy to report we had a perfect meal at Carnevino. The space is very open and bustling, but not in a bad way. We enjoyed the fact that we didn't feel the need to whisper, etc. but could have a good conversation both with each other and our server.

        We started with the antipasto sized duck canneloni and it was delicious. We cut our bites into the tiniest sizes possible just to make it last longer. All the pasta is made in house and the duck was very tender and flavorful. The fresh bread brought to the table could be a meal in itself -- fresh foccacia seasoned with olive oil and Italian salts. They also brought 2 perfect "cheese poofs" -- lightly battered/fried Italian cheeses of pecorino, parmesan, etc. that absolutely melted in our mouths. We loved them so much they brought us each another. I could have made a meal of those.

        For entrees my husband had to try the house aged filet, and it was one of the best we have ever had. It was definitely the best we've ever had in a restaurant, and we eat a lot of red meat. It was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of "char" on the outside, while still red in the center. It was also seasoned with the wonderful Italian salts (seriosly, they use really good salt) and rosemary as well. My entree was the bolognese gnocchi which was good, but not as great as the duck canneloni. In retrospect I would have chosen the antipasto size version of the gnocchi in order to try another pasta on the menu so that was our only "flaw" in the evening, if you could call it that.

        As for wine, the list is 2 full pages, mostly Italian. Unfortuantely we aren't as knowledgeable of Italian wines as we are some others, but our server was also studying to be a sommelier so he was able to suggest the perfect wine for us.

        We had a great experience at Carnevino and will definitely go back the next time we are in town. IMO, prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the quality.

        1. re: jcr05

          Thanks for a great review! I am pleasantly surprised that they are up and running so fast because it took B&B a little time to get up to speed.

          How did they rank versus the other steakhouses in Vegas? I definitely need to check them and Cut as well when they open.

          1. re: masstech

            I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you that we don't typically eat steak/go to steakhouses in Las Vegas; we usually do something different that we don't eat regularly at home. However, my husband was trying to decide between lamb and the filet and the server suggested we try the filet due to the aging/seasoning that they do there and we definitely think we made the right decision.

            And yes, for only being open about 2 weeks when we were there, we didn't notice any kinks.....service was attentive but not bothersome, knowledgeable and friendly. Again, loved it. Hope you have the same experience!

          2. re: jcr05

            Wonderful to hear as we are planning to dine at Carnevino next week! I will be sure to try some of your suggestions - certainly the duck canneloni!

            1. re: mommy3esq

              Very mediocre experience and a very steep price tag given quality. The menu was not terribly inspired and our group tried a wide range of entrees and apps. While nothing was awful, everything was just okay. Service was attentive but very inexperienced and lacking knowledge of the menu, wine, etc. Not what you want from a nice evening out - even if it is work related. There are so many other - better options I would suggest going elsewhere.