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Jan 18, 2008 07:58 AM

Anyone try Jimmy's Diner - W'burg?

I saw a sign in the window raving about their fried chicken. Anyone try it or anything else there?

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  1. I like the pulled pork, slaw and liked it when the chef was at Biscuit in the Slope. BBQ and fried chicken are his thang. Fries are great too but those money back brownies are addictive.

    Didn't know Union Pacific but this was a great place to hang, eat and the people there were really sweet.

    Planning on bringin a crowd of diner connoisseurs, then will post again.

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    1. re: mxebmama

      I've had their fried chicken and a burger and a few other things. I think it's pretty mediocre. The burger seemed small for the price. I think I liked Union Picnic better. I think they have a waffle and fried chicken entry on their menu which deserves some props.

    2. We order delivery from there occasionally and went to eat-in once. The meatloaf plate is good but a little expensive. My SO had the fried chicken and liked it. The deserts are eh. The one horrible thing I had was the chicken pot pie which doesn't even come close to deserving that name. Unfortunately, since Pies 'n Thighs shuttered suddenly, it's the only comfort food place left in the neighborhood. But the folks are right: it is no Union Picnic.

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        I ate here once when it opened and was rather annoyed by their claim to be "the best fried chicken in brooklyn" when it just isn't true. As another poster commented, it is mediocre at best. The mac & cheese was pretty ok. For excellent, though pricey, fried chicken ($16 i think) go to Egg. They just started serving dinner and the fried chicken is fab. The duck and dirty rice is pretty tasty as well. I had the bread pudding for dessert and let's just say, they are in need of a pastry chef....

      2. pretty sure that sign is of their own origin. place looks friendly but reports are kinda meh. anyone have the breakfast bowls there? they also have a chicken-fried-hamburger. huh??

        1. pretty hit or miss. it's good hangover food.