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Jul 17, 2001 10:23 PM

"Gourmet L.A. Festival"

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What do any fellow Chowhounders know about this "Gourmet L.A. Festival" this weekend on the grounds of LACMA? I can't seem to get any clear information on the restaurants who are involved. Is this possibly the successor event to the mediocre "Best of Los Angeles" event held last summer at the Santa Monica Civic?

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  1. Where did you hear about it?

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    1. re: Larry

      I originally became aware of "Gourmet L.A. Festival" through an ad in last Friday's "LA Life" section of the "Daily News." Again, no restaurants were listed. (Always a bad sign.)Merrill Shindler seems to have some role in the event.

      In the "Datebook" column of today's "Times" Food Section there is a brief mention. They list Toribio Prado's new WeHo restaurant, Confete, as a participant. I called Confete and they said they weren't part of the Festival. I'm going to save my $10.00 admission fee for something else. This doesn't sound promising!

    2. No mentions of such a thing at the LACMA website, LAInsider, LA Weekly, or the Times Calendar!

        1. If you are looking for a great event of this type to attend, the October Bon Appetit Event at Paramount, benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation, is terrific. Lots of amazing food and wine from the city's top restaurants. They have a similar event in each major city in the US. I tried to find info on it at their website, but did not see a link. It is advertised in the current issue of the magazine, however.