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Jan 18, 2008 07:46 AM

Birthday dinner for group of girls in UES?

I'm looking for recommendations for a group of about 10 twenty-something year old girls to have a birthday dinner on a Friday night. We're looking for a casual, fun place with great drinks. We're not limited on any type of cuisine.

Recommendations for byo restaurants would be great also!


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  1. Not a BYO but Fig and Olive in the E. 50's is a small Mediterranean bistro with delicious food and a decent price tag.

    1. Canyon Road on 1st and 77th is a lively place with great margarita's.


      1. Poke on 85th is good BYOB sushi .... Grotto del Mare is good byob Italian ($10 corkage) ... another inexpensive option is Spice. If you don't mind stepping into a little more expensive .. Uva is a good spot.

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          I was going to suggest both uva and canyon road. Uva has a great wine-bar feel and the food is very good. Canyon road is a bit more casual and again, the food is delish- try the shrimp appetizer and the casuela for a main :) oooh, or the duck mole burrito.

          damn now im hungry....