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Jan 18, 2008 07:42 AM

Dim Sum: World Tong vs. Chinatown

I'm looking to take a friend and his family(wife and two yound children), plus my wife to dim sum in Brooklyn. Saturday at about 10AM. Will this time be early enough to avoid waits(my friend is worried the young ones could get restless) and would World Tong or Chinatown(8th Ave Seafood or the parlor on 61st) be less of wait?

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  1. haven't tried chinatown, but we've had no wait at world tong on saturdays before 10:30. after that, chaos! while wt is my hands-down favorite, we've also enjoyed pacificana's dim sum recently. it's a somewhat more comfortable space, and much larger though still very busy. it's on 8th ave and 55th street.

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    1. re: wleatherette

      So I take it World Tong is still as good as ever?

      1. re: HankyT

        i only started going last year so i can't compare it to the glory days that many posters fondly recall, but i love it. definitely a bit variable, but that's the sense i get from many places.

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          just got back from an early trip to world tong, and it was perhaps the best we've experienced. we were there around 10am, and it was about half full with plenty of food circulating. when we left just before 11, it was on the way to being jam-packed.

      2. i haven't been to world tong to compare, but i would absolutely recommend 8th ave seafood. delicious every time i've gone.

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          I've heard it's good but haven't been. What's the cross street? Do you happen to know off-hand?

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            I think the food World Tong is better than Pacificana when you hit them on a good day. The environment at Pacificana is better though. I'm pretty sure World Tong is on the corner of 62nd Street and 18th Ave, but don't quote me on that. I know it's a couple of blocks north of the Italian record store (which I recommend passing by).

            World Tong
            6202 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204

            1. re: Greg

              When you say "pass by" the Italian record store you mean avoid?

              1. re: HankyT

                Neither here nor there but the Italian record store that I'm familiar with is next door to Villabate's, 10 blocks up from World Tong. The record store is outrageously priced, but Villabate's is well worth the visit.

                I was at all of these last Sunday and WT was excellent. A mob scene at 12noon (my fault for going then) but as efficient as ever and we were in 20 minutes later sitting with an Asian family and an unrelated 3rd party, also Asian. Although we know what to eat (and got all of it), we also watched them and found some other things that werent half bad. If there's more than 3 in your party, the $12 side of roast post, with crispy skin, is great. The 2 of us downed it but its really not cost efficient with only 2 people. Everything was fresh and I love going there.

                1. re: HankyT

                  No, I actually meant to check it out. I'm pretty sure the store I'm thinking about isn't ten blocks away. It's on the same side of the street as World Tong, just south of it. It's a pretty interesting place. However, if I'm wrong, and it is ten blocks, I apologize. I'm more food-centric. I stand by what I said about World Tong, but can't do the same for the record store. Just listen for old Italian music being played on the street and you can't miss it.

                  1. re: Greg

                    Must be a different music store. The one we were in was on the opposite side of 18th Ave from World Tong. Sorry. And, since we're clearly interested (otherwise we wouldnt have gone inside the other one), now we'll go looking for this one. Thanks.