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Jan 18, 2008 07:21 AM

Ginza Japanese Steak/Sushi, Cary

I noticed that we have a new Japanese steakhouse/sushi resto opening soon in the old Greenshields' location in Cary. It's the shopping center with Stonewood and Henry's Gelato - Preston Corners, I think? Does anyone have any intel?

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  1. I have heard they also have a location in Clayton that is pretty good.

    1. I stopped in and took a peek at the menu. Very similar to Kanki or Kabuki. They have a large dining area with about 10 teppan tables where they prepare the food in front of you. The other side is a sushi bar. I believe they are open for lunch and dinner. Hope this helps you out.

      1. We were there for dinner on their second night of service, and although there were a few hiccups, I'd try it again. It was around 7:00 on Saturday evening and we had a minimal wait - about 15 minutes - and ended up having a drink at the bar while waiting. The decor is very clean and modern - if you were in the building when it was Greenshield's, you won't recognize it. Lots of glass, chrome and hard surfaces, which look great, but unfortunately make the place a bit loud. I'm hoping that they'll add some artwork or draperies as time goes on, both to soften the acoustics and inject some color into the surroundings.

        We decided to sit on the hibachi side, and the setup is typical for other teppanyaki restaurants - large tables that sit about a dozen people. They will cook for less than a full table, which is nice - I've been to hibachi restos before where they make you wait forever until the table is full. We ordered some sushi while waiting, and that was the only true disappointment of the night - the California roll we ordered had a huge strip of wasabi running through it instead of avocado, which made for quite the shock when popping a piece into your mouth. We brought it to the waiter's attention, and while the owner came over and apologized, we later discovered that it was not removed from our bill. No big deal as it was only about $5, but hopefully this oversight will be remedied for others in the future.

        Mr. Q had the filet and chicken and I had the chicken and mushrooms, and that part of our meal was excellent. The chef cooked all meat to order and didn't overcook it, which has happened to me every time I've ever eaten at Kanki, The veggies were still a little firm and crisp, which was wonderful. The fried rice wasn't loaded with soy and grease, and while Mr. Q added more soy (he's a salt fiend), it was a welcome change of pace that you could still taste the rice and not just saltiness.

        All in all a good experience, especially for a new restaurant. I'd give them about a 6 on a 1 - 10 scale and would try it again.

        1. I believe it's located in Preston Walk (NW Cary Parkway and James Jackson).