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Jan 18, 2008 07:08 AM

Detroit Auto Show with Kids?

Looking for yummi food around the auto show. I am taking my 3 and 6 year old boys with me, and we are riding the bus in from the Henry Ford.

Given the lack of car, the cold, and the boys, are there any suggestions that are in the really good but cheap category? We are open to about anything, but personality is a plus.

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  1. Might get a little messy with the kids, but the classic Lafayette and American coney islands would be cheap, with personality to burn. Walk up to Lafayette (3 blocks), turn right, and it'll be a short block and a half on your left. Whether they're "really good" depends on your opinion of coney dogs, but they're Detroit classics, and your kids would like 'em. Other than that, most of the downtown places cater to office crowds rather than families. Tom's Oyster Bar (several blocks east on Jefferson) would have stuff for kids and isn't bad.

    1. Head toward Greektown by foot or PeopleMover and visit PizzaPapalis for a gooey, filling pie. Lots of fun for kids and grown-ups.

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      1. re: North Oakland Gal

        if you are going on the weekend, you best bet is to use the people groover because there is not much right near cobo that 1) will be open, 2) will appeal to your kids, 3) is readily within walking distance because it is going to be freezing cold for the next few days.

        lafayette is a good call, but it is a few blocks walk

        greektown - pizzapapalis is another good call. as are any of the greek places (opa!). you could also try nikki's pizza or loco for mexican across beaubien and a half block south of the people mover station. just don't get sucked into fishbones.

        or get off at the bricktown exit and go across beaubien and get a very good burger at the detroiter bar.

        1. re: xman887

          Sorry, gotta nix Loco -I'm generally pretty open minded but this place sucks--Lysol smell, totally fake Tex-Mex. Yuck. Other options are great...3 year old may be able to eat a half a piece of Pizza Pappolis --HUGE pies, order judiciously! Have fun, let us know where you end up.

      2. Definately like pizzapapolis and Greektown but not as a walk from the auto show in the freezing weather. I'd suggest a cab. Greektown is fun to see any how. You might look at Greektown Casino and see if they have any shuttles. The cafe at the Henry Ford museum is actually very good and there is an Imax theater there as well. I'm not sure of their winter hours. If you haven't been in the museum it's well worth a visit and the boys will definately love the train, planes and cars. Enjoy!

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          I was also going to suggest Greektown, but I'd skip the cab, and use the People Mover. The kids will get a kick out of it--the views are great, and it's a bit of the big city experience that Detroit so often lacks. The station's right in Cobo so easy access and less time outside. I've only had one bad experience on the PM where it stopped between stations and sat there for half an hour before proceeding, but I've never felt unsafe on it.