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Jan 18, 2008 07:06 AM

Marble slab for pastries, where to buy?

Any suggestions as to where to get a marble slab for rolling out pastry dough etc? thanks

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  1. Sur la Table has the best prices that I've found except for going to marble/granite stores, where a remnant piece is usually fewer than $10 if not just given away for free.

    1. Just about any place that sells bakeware sells them. I got mine at Kitchens, Etc.

      1. I got mine at a gravestone monument fabricator. They occasionally make mistakes and you can pick up thin slabs cheaply. You might have to pay to have the edges dressed.

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          Any place that fabricates marble surfaces (for countertops, floors, or I guess headstones) may have some scrap pieces laying around that are too small for their purposes but would be perfect for rolling out pie crusts or whatever, and cheap too. Call around.

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            very good idea about the headstones

          2. I bought my first marble slab back in the 60s from a gravestone company. It was very inexpensive but my mistake was getting something that was too thick to carry easily. I hauled it around for many years, not regretting my purchase, but would make certain that the slab is thinner than one inch. Another idea would be to have it fit your refrigerator shelf. Mine was too large, so putting puff pastry in and out of the refrig was out of the question.

            1. I second the Sur La Table recommendation. It is a very large slab with 4 small rubber pegs on the bottom to help with adhesion. The slab is quite heavy and is white with black markings. It usually retails for $39.

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                the sur la table slab is out of stock.