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Burger 9.5 in Merrick

Did anybody see the mention of this place in Newsday on Wednesday. To me, it sounds awesome. Hope it tastes that way too. Please someone let me know how it is, I live in Oyster Bay, so i really only want to go that far south to Merrick if it really is as good as it sounds. Their fries sound great as well as they are fried in a oil that includes Duck Fat. If you want me to post the blurb from Newsday, I will find it and attach it.

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  1. I live in the area and knew it was just a matter of time before Hog Heaven bit the dust. I also read the 9.5 article and it made my mouth water. When I go I will report back.

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      It is called Hog House if you want to get particular. It wasn't the food it was the area they don't want barbecue!!

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        "Hog HEAVEN" was sarcasm. I'm well aware of the correct name.
        How can you make a blanket statement,"the area they don't want barbecue!!." You're entitled to your opinion, but to speak for a whole area. C'mon.

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          This was the place with the location in Huntington? Pretty bad BBQ (at least, at the northern location).

    2. My wife and I just got back...I had to run and to my Mac to write this up. Just to save everyone from wasting their time. This place is awful...just goes to show how a free meal can persuade a Newsday food reviewer.
      First...service is awful...everyone complained...many people walked out...the first round of burgers to come out, went back just as fast...they were raw. Then the second wave...ours, were too well done. My wife didn't eat hers, as she sits beside me right now eating a PB&J.
      All of the above may be fixed after a few weeks in business....but the burgers are really not that great. The menu sounds a lot better. The burgers are thick, hand-packed patties....on a platter with a small handful of fries & a few onion rings, some leafy-lettuce and sweet pickles.

      Sorry, but for such a basic item as a burger....this place had so much trouble accommodating just a handful of tables.

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        what a sad moment in my life as i read your review. I was hoping this was going to be someplace very special to my belly.

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          Me too. I'll give it a few weeks, then go. Let's hope they're just working out the kinks.

      2. Good to here things got better from opening month. We will have to try it again...after we try Bobby Flay's new burger joint in Smithtown

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          Do you have an address or name of this place. Thanks.

        2. I'm not sure what happened to my last review...,mysteriously vanished. However, I will write again that I greatly enjoyed my first visit to Burger 9.5 and would strongly recommend it. I had a Kobe beef burger with black and tan onion rings and it was outstanding. I have been back since and the experience was still outstanding.

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            After the irritation of having the moderators delete my previous post (and not because of anything I did), I was hesitant about reposting. In a compromise, here's a quick summary of the previous post, and an addition.
            I went there a few times and had an issue re: the degree the burger was cooked. A buffalo burger was cooked more than a little past my-for medium rare, and in an honest attempt to be attentive and accommodating, they cooked the burger much less the next time. Problem there: I'd wanted the buffalo burger cooked less because it's much lower in fat and gets dry easily; the next burger was just beef and didn't have the same problem. Not only was it cooked closer to rare, it didn't need to be. But I really should have said something before, did not, so it's at least as much my fault.

            Had the kobe burger (though I suppose it's probably really Wagyu), and it was darn good. Cooked exactly as it should be, tasty and juicy. An excellent burger. The prior ones were made of really good meat, and only suffered (somewhat) from not being cooked as I wanted--really more of a problem with the very first one.

            All in all, thumbs up; the better burger experiences I've had on LI.

          2. Yes, I've been there several times with my family. It is definitely worth a trip from Oyster Bay.

            1. This place is hands down my favorite burger place, and I have been to so many. For one the buffalo meat option always makes me smile. I definitely frequent there at least once a month. I've grown a relationship with the waitresses and the owner and they are all wonderful people. There has never been a wait for seating and you can tell everything is made fresh. So far my favorite burger is the ranchero. I've also the others and they are good but the ranchero is 5/5 :)

              I really don't understand why anyone wouldn't like it

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                They've changed things around for the lunch menu--unless they've changed it back in recent weeks. The last time I was there, you could only get a fast food-style burger, with none of the additional meat options (buffalo, wagyu, etc). Disappointing, as I liked their thicker burgers.

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                  Yup - it seems to have fallen behind. Don't know if not enough people were ordering the other meat options or what, but I've been disappointed since going back.

              2. While in Merrick, also try SouperFry. Interenting wraps, soups and burgers. Not your typcial place.

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                  i love Souperfry, i forget that its there though, so i've only had it a couple of times.

                  100 Main St, Mineola, NY 11501

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                    Me too - I'm an instant lover - I had it for the first time last week - put up a separate post on it since I was shocked that I could get a medium rare burger. Burger was delicious and the roasted garlic aoli I dipped my fries in was not too garlicky, but just enough. I wanted to lick the cup clean!

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                    I gave SouperFry a try. Good enough, though I wasn't knocked over by anything. The "wrapini" were fine, but the fries were limp and soggy, an effect of being kept under a heat lamp and served in a paper bag.

                    Low point: I guess there's a high school nearby. We got there minutes before a swarm of high school kids, who'd steal chairs from surrounding tables and camp out at another--and many of them brought in their own food!