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Jan 18, 2008 06:56 AM

Burger 9.5 in Merrick

Did anybody see the mention of this place in Newsday on Wednesday. To me, it sounds awesome. Hope it tastes that way too. Please someone let me know how it is, I live in Oyster Bay, so i really only want to go that far south to Merrick if it really is as good as it sounds. Their fries sound great as well as they are fried in a oil that includes Duck Fat. If you want me to post the blurb from Newsday, I will find it and attach it.

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  1. I live in the area and knew it was just a matter of time before Hog Heaven bit the dust. I also read the 9.5 article and it made my mouth water. When I go I will report back.

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    1. re: MKS

      It is called Hog House if you want to get particular. It wasn't the food it was the area they don't want barbecue!!

      1. re: nikkil

        "Hog HEAVEN" was sarcasm. I'm well aware of the correct name.
        How can you make a blanket statement,"the area they don't want barbecue!!." You're entitled to your opinion, but to speak for a whole area. C'mon.

        1. re: MKS

          This was the place with the location in Huntington? Pretty bad BBQ (at least, at the northern location).

    2. My wife and I just got back...I had to run and to my Mac to write this up. Just to save everyone from wasting their time. This place is awful...just goes to show how a free meal can persuade a Newsday food reviewer.
      First...service is awful...everyone complained...many people walked out...the first round of burgers to come out, went back just as fast...they were raw. Then the second wave...ours, were too well done. My wife didn't eat hers, as she sits beside me right now eating a PB&J.
      All of the above may be fixed after a few weeks in business....but the burgers are really not that great. The menu sounds a lot better. The burgers are thick, hand-packed patties....on a platter with a small handful of fries & a few onion rings, some leafy-lettuce and sweet pickles.

      Sorry, but for such a basic item as a burger....this place had so much trouble accommodating just a handful of tables.

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      1. re: kevinh

        what a sad moment in my life as i read your review. I was hoping this was going to be someplace very special to my belly.

        1. re: jpf1980

          Me too. I'll give it a few weeks, then go. Let's hope they're just working out the kinks.

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