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Jan 18, 2008 06:54 AM

Delivery to Union Square

I spent about two hours last night searching the board and calling places, all to try and find somewhere that would deliver Chinese food to Union Square. I ended up giving up and driving out to Qingdao Garden to satisfy my craving. When I'm feeling lazy in the future, though, where can I call that will deliver to Union? No particular limits to Chinese food, either, that was just my craving de jour (de la nuit?).

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  1. Wang's Fast Food! They deliver to our house in Union Square at the drop of a hat. Arrives hot and tasty.

    1. Sorry, didn't really read the whole question:

      Chinese: Wang's Fast Food [$2 delivery charge]
      Indian: India Palace [$15 minimum]
      Pizza: Pini's [have your oven on to crisp up a bit upon delivery]
      Other: CitySlickers [good chowhound reports, but haven't ever actually ordered]

      This is a short list that I have compiled, but I don't do delivery all that often.

      1. I think Montien (good Thai) in Inman will go there. They unfortunately don't make it to Porter. There is another Thai place right next to the Independent - I think it's Great Thai Chef - I am in the minority that I think it should be called Not THAT Great and Somewhat Overpriced Thai Chef, but it has its fans.

        City Slickers will surely go to Union. There is a place in Union - I think it's something like East Asia - it's on Somerville Ave across the street from Sally O'Brien's. I think they deliver and they have good value very typical take-out Chinese. Like you know, good gooey General Gao.

        Zoe's Chinese on Beacon Street in Somerville will likely also deliver to Union. People like the tea-smoked duck and other more authentic Chinese offerings.

        There is another place, China Delight, on the Ave., closer to Porter which just underwent a major face lift coinciding with their take-over of the former Sky Bar. Their menu looks to be the same, which is to say small in scope compared to other typical Chinese take-out, and higher priced by ~1-3 dollars per item. The food was never that good there before but would be curious if anyone has dared to try them.

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          I was reading about China Delight last night and decided to steer clear of it. The place from Sally O'Briens's is called New Asia, I think, and that location is closed. Only the Harvard Square location is open and they wouldn't deliver to Union.

          Anyone know about the place that is next door to India Palace?

          1. re: meaganl

            The Red Hat or Red Door is next to India Palace and it is awful, in my opinion. New Asia is equally nasty. They don't actually cook anything in Union Square, they deliver it from another location. Their shop in Belmont was shut down numerous times for health violations, and I cant' get past the photos that ran in the Belmont local paper following the first closure.

            1. re: smtucker

              Shows you how often I've been there lately. I am a Qing Dao delivery devotee.

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                When I have asked at Qung Dao, they have indicated that they _might_ deliver to Union Square on a slow night, but the body language indicated that there was NEVER going to be a night slow enough to go _all_ the way to Union Square. It is okay, I just have to go to them.

          2. re: Bob Dobalina

            I have tried the new China Delight, and noticed no improvement. That said, it's not HORRIBLE, just the typically Americanized, middling Chinese food many of us grew up on. As an aside, I was surprised to find their new bar full of patrons from Razzy's down the blockā€”not sure that's what the owners had in mind with new bar space.

          3. Second Wangs for Chinese. Zoe's might also deliver to you but I've not heard any recent reports about the food ... last I heard it wasn't thrilling the way it used to.

            Not Chinese but I just had delivery from India Palace this week and the food arrived really quickly, well packaged, and piping hot. Since you live there you can take away too. I really like that place.

            1. Second City Slicker - interesting pies, good salads, decent main meals, though the meatloaf is rock solid. ETA: that would be solid as a rock, not the single greatest culimary achievement in the history of mankind. In case my poor word choices confuse you.

              New Asia does an American combination of Thai & Chinese - nothing's great, but everything seems fresh and the portions are huge and cheap.

              I like India Palace much more than Passage to Indian, which also delivers.

              Sugar & Spice might deliver to you for good Thai. It's not mindblowing, but it's solid. ETA: the food is not a coagulated block. Rather, you get average Thai food that's fine.

              Redbones for BBQ.

              Soundbites for Middle Eastern, sort of.

              I just ordered from Zoe's last night. I don't know if Zoe's was ever actually thrilling, or if 'hounds just hadn't had Sichuan and Shanghaiese food done the right way. It's still completely solid (ETA: that would be solid as in representative of good cooking), though Sichuan Garden and New Shanghai are still better options if you're looking for those cuisines.

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              1. re: gini

                > Second City Slicker - interesting pies, good salads, decent main meals, though
                > the meatloaf is rock solid.

                Are you speaking literally or figuratively? It matters. :) Is that a recommendation of the meatloaf or not? (Decent mains, though the meatloaf is particularly good; or, decent mains, though the meatloaf is as hard as a rock.)

                1. re: chickendhansak

                  Personally, I find it figuratively rock solid, literally juicy and flavorful, and hyperbolically the single greatest culinary achievement in the history of mankind.

                    1. re: Bob Dobalina

                      You all make me laugh. The meatloaf is literally as solid as a rock, or at least has been the two times I ordered it (fool me twice, shame on me...). I have adjusted my post above!

                      1. re: gini

                        Interesting. Wordplay and hyperbole aside, I've definitely been really pleased with the meatloaf, although admittedly it's been several months since I last tried it. Superb with sides of broccolini and roast new potatoes.

                        1. re: finlero

                          I think I'm gonna have to try it now, rock solid or rock hard as it may be.

                          Rock on ...

                          1. re: chickendhansak

                            The meatloaf is the best thing on the City Slicker menu, imho. Sometimes unfortunately they scrimp on the luscious brown onion sauce though. I second the broccolini recommendation. I wish Foodler would allow me to select 2 sides of broccolini instead of having to choose 2 separate sides.