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Jul 17, 2001 06:17 PM

British Restaurants & Pubs

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Im looking for British Food in LA/OC/LB I love Ye Old Kings Head, but Im looking for somthing new. Also any one know of any Scotish place, Bar,ect.

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  1. There's Tam O'Shanter in the Los Feliz area.

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      That place is good, but it's not british enough for me.

    2. My parents frequent The Olde Ship in Fullerton.
      From Cuisinenet: "The menu features steak and kidney pie, Scottish bridie and 18 draught beers. Their newest dessert: spotted dick."
      709 North Harbor Boulevard
      Fullerton, California 92832-1519

      I have been to The Whale and Ale (once) in San Pedro and enjoyed it very much. They have piano sing alongs and excellent food.
      327 West 7th. Street
      San Pedro, CA 90731



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        Spotted Dick? Someplace in California has recreated the worst, least healthy dessert in all of English cooking? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

        1. re: Richard Foss

          "Spotted Dick" entry from Capt. Ahab's diary? :)

      2. Haven't been to these yet, but I've been curious so I might swing by one of these day. If you go, please let us know how it is and I'll do the same.

        There's Ye Coach and Horses on Sunset Blvd, down the block west from the Guitar Center. Heard good things about the drinks and atmosphere.

        In Studio City on Ventura is Fox and Hounds. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends when there's live bands.

        Both have good reviews from Citysearch.


        1. Two places with pub food and good variety of Brit beverages on tap-
          1. Robin Hood in the Valley, on Burbank Blvd just east of Woodman Ave. They have wonderful fish and chips (light airy batter) and good variety of beers, ales, ciders (inc. pear) on tap.
          2. Cat and Fiddle, a few Brit dishes - pub food, scotch eggs, sausage rolls H&P sauce etc. More of a regular bar. On Sunset between Wilcox and Cherokee in Hollywood.

          1. I went to the Tudor House in Santa Monica. It has a nice atmosphere and reasonable prices. A friend and I had shepherd's pie and tea and both were great!