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Jan 18, 2008 06:42 AM

Decent Chinese or Japanese for quick lunch around 7th Avenue and 28th Street?

I've beenw orking in the area for a few months and though its generally a culinary wastleland, I've found a few good spots for my basic lunch needs. What I haven't found is a decent (not expecting great, though that would be a plus), not too expensive place for Chinese or Japanese. Can be for dining in, but since its my lunch hour at work, I'm usually taking out, so ambience doesn't really matter. Is there anything?

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  1. Grand Schezuan is on 23rd and 9th. A little far but there is really nothing over there.

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      Actually, corner of 24th and 9th. And it's best to stick to the Sichuan and Hunan parts of the regular menu and not order lunch specials, though if you do want a lunch special, the Gong Bao Chicken, though listed under "American Chinese food" is actually real Sichuan food and very good.

    2. A bit far, but Home Kitchen on 20th and Broadway is really really good. I used to make the trek.

      1. Izumi is a great little japanese on 28th btw 6 & 7th aves. It's tiny with not much atmosphere but the fish is really fresh and the lunch specials are definitely worth the money. There's a small sushi bar (about 5 seats) and maybe 4 or 5 tables for 2. Having worked in this area for over 20 years I can truly say its about as good as it gets.

        1. Just wanted to bump this thread up a bit. From the lack of response, my guess is that there raelly isn't much in the neighborhood. Is there anything else? I am also curious about Izumi, which berna recommended. I've walked by it and its a little hole-in-the-wall that intrigued me. Anyone else have any experience there?

          1. i work in the area and get delivery quite often form Izumi and I agree that the fish is good also i get delivery from Hiroshi (585 3rd Ave) and they have some great selections too..They are more of a "fusion" place so there are some interesting things on the menu...I haven't had really good chinese but I get dumplings at Mandoo which is on 32nd in Koreatown...Which is a great place for lunch...good prices and fast....