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Jan 18, 2008 06:37 AM

Multi-grain/Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Recipes

I am trying to teach myself how to make bread and have developed a "curriculum" in which I bake one loaf of yeast bread every weekend and a quick, often sweet or fruity bread during the week. This weekend my boyfriend has requested a good multi-grain or whole wheat sandwich bread. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Just a note - I don't have a bread-maker. Any suggestions for other breads I should tackle would also be appreciated. So far I've done Irish brown bread, the Mark Bittman no-knead, a very dense whole wheat blend, challah, cranberry nut, pumpkin bread, and two nights ago an oatmeal fig bread. I'm having a great time...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I did something very similar to this over the summer! I used the recipe on the King Arthur flour website and it worked really well. The problem with making ww sandwich bread is that it's often dense and dry. My recommendation would be to use white whole wheat, (white as opposed to red, which is normal wheat). It makes a really tasty bread that works well for sandwiches. the King Arthur website has a recipe specifically for that wheat. Good luck! also, olive and rosemary bread is really good...

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      thanks for the tip! i hadn't visited the king arthur site. it looks great. i really want to try the english muffin recipe there, but alas, no bread machine...

    2. I worked at a certain upscale bakery chain last year (not Panera!) and this year have devoted myself to making my own, especially sandwich-style. Having tried several recipes with fair results, I've finally landed on CI's Multi-grain Sandwich Bread. It's, honestly, probably as good as I'll be able to do in my home kitchen. It's not 100% whole grain, but it's got terrific flavor and texture that my husband and I both look for in a good loaf. The technique is straightforward and in this case their specifications are worth it. I can paraphrase the recipe if you want, or it's in the magazine and on their site if you subscribe.

      I know you said no bread machine, but do you have a stand mixer? I've found that mine makes homemade bread more approachable and consistent, though I certainly wouldn't dissuade you from experimenting either way!

      Good luck, and keep us posted with any winners you find!