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Jan 18, 2008 06:34 AM

Alone in West Hollywood

I'm from NYC & I'll be staying in West HOllywood for one night-I'll be alone. Any great recomendations to eat by myself? Love all foods-open to anything except Italian (can always get htat in NY) and any price is fine.

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      1. re: samiam123

        For something in the French-Asian fusion area we really like Celadon on 3rd Street just barely west of Fairfax on the south side of the street. Beautiful interior space with terrific food and a very creative drinks list.

        Have you tried Jar yet? The food is good and the bar is a nice place to hang out. The only problem we find is the noise factor is sometimes a bit much. Noise is also an issue at Comme Ca, the new David Meyers French Brasserie in West Hollywood, but it's getting lots of good comments here for both the food and the drinks.

      1. re: mollyomormon

        Hi Molly-I have only been to LA about 3 times and that is exactly what I did on my last trip! So we are thinking alike. I have also eaten at AOC as well.

        1. re: samiam123

          Lucky you! :) Okay, is there any particular kind of cuisine you'd like to try that's more difficult to get in NY? You have a lot more availble since you have a car. Maybe Mexican?

          1. re: mollyomormon

            Yes-I love Mexican and you can't get good Mexican in NY. Also, I think the sushi in LA is so good! Nothing like we get here. But I am open to anything and price not an issue.

            1. re: samiam123

              Sushi is great for eating alone. Near you in West Hollywood, I think Hirozen is good for sushi. A pretty short car ride away, there's Sushi Zo. I love it and I'm sure it's much cheaper than anything you can find in NY for the quality. People on the boards like Sushi Sushi too although I haven't been.

              I just noticed that you said price is not an issue. If that's the case and if you still have time, you should make a reservation at Urasawa!

              1. re: mollyomormon

                I agree a sushi bar is great to eat alone at. I'm partial to Matsuhisa on La Cienaga north of wilshire

                1. re: jeremypb

                  I would consider Sushi Wa Bistro or Sushi Zo (if you are willing to go a little further). Like you say about Italian, you probably have access to great sushi and chop houses, like Jar, in NYC. I would therefore steer towards something different, like Gonpachi on La Cienega near Matsuhisa for kushiyaki/yakitori/soba (the sushi I had wasn't very good). It has a nice robata bar...lets a single diner scope out the whole place and the cooking. I might also sit at the bar ar Mako.

                  1. re: jeremypb

                    I don't really recommend Matsuhisa anymore ... although good it is way overpriced. Last time my friend got the $90 omakase and it was not at all worth $90. I think if I add up the items individually it won't come out to 90 ... for the sushi they only gave salmon, shrimp (not amaebi), ika, unagi ... all cheap stuff.

                2. re: samiam123

                  It's not a "real restaurant," but there's a great, cheap 24hr taqueria in West Hollywood. It's called Los Tacos, it's on Santa Monica BLvd 1.5 blocks west of Faifax next to 7 -eleven. Don't get the guacamole - the only thing that's disappointing there. The beef machaca burrito is a great late night find.

                  1. re: pupster911

                    So funny that you recommended this place! I was just out in LA (from NY) and ended up here late night on a Thursday. We had copious plates of nachos and the enchiladas... I don't think it was amazing food but it served its purpose, and it was definitely cheap. I think I remember the guacamole being served in boats (for fries) and it was runny, not chunky and thick like it should be!

          2. Near La Cienega and Melrose is Le Petit Bistro. Small French place, lots of local regulars, some faded beauties. Good food, friendly staff. Good Merguez sausages, mussels and more.

              1. re: betamax

                really like this place. sona too.

                if you'll spend the $$$, urasawa in bh ain't too far for spectacular sushi experience.

                tasca for tapas. or, cobras and matadors.

                hungry cat.

                musso and frank's for old hollywood.

              2. One of my favorite LA restaurants for eating alone is Campanile which is on La Brea north of Wilshire and qualifies as "West Hollywood adjacent". This is Mark Peel's temple to haute California cuisine, hosed in what used to be Charlie Chaplin's office building.

                624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036