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Jan 18, 2008 06:16 AM

Norfolk - any ideas?

Ok, planning another weekend - this time to Norfolk. Looking for pubs/restaurants with great food, preferrably seaside, for a large group!
Any ideas?

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  1. The White Horse in Brancaster Staithe - great fish and fantastic views across the flats/marshes to the sea.

    Try the Three Horseshoes in Warham, just a few miles inland from Wells-Next-the-Sea, also does great food, but is very different. It's a very old pub which specialises in homemade pies and portions are huge.

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      Second the White Horse -- we stayed there last year and the food was excellent, including the most amazing oysters dug right there, maybe 50 feet from the restaurant. Small dining room though so essential to book ahead. We also had a nice meal at The Victoria at Holkham. Booking ahead advisable there too. Please report back!

    2. Near Wroxham (closer to Norfolk) is a very good pub in Horstead. One can eat massive portions for about £10-15. I loved their ribs and cole slaw, and the fish, too, is excellent as it should be. Alas, no views of the water.

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        thank you so much - they all sound good...maybe we'll have to try a few!