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Jan 18, 2008 06:14 AM

Help! 10 lbs of pork loin!

My thrifty hubby came home w/ 10 lbs of sale pork loin the other day. As much as I enjoy a nice roast every now and again, I can't see the two of us eating large meat roasts for the ongoing future.

I know most stew and braised recipes call for shoulder or butt, but can I use the loin for any? I'd like to have some meals that involve other veggies, grains, etc to balance it out (and that freeze well so we can save for later.)

Thanks for your thoughts!


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  1. slice it...fry it ...then make sandwices or use it as you would a pork chop
    Use in stir fry
    make pig on a stick

    1. Potion the loin out into three or four meals and freeze.

      The center portions cut into a roast or 1.5 inch boneless pork chops(Thicker freezes better)
      The end portions on either side....make into cubes for kabobs, or slice thin and pound for pork cutlets....the poor mans can make them breaded, or roll them stuffed with your favorite cheese and vegetable......n.g., mozz, gruyere, spinach, sun dried tomato or mushrooms....

      1. To answer your question -I would not use loin for stews - way too lean.

        Cut into strips for stir fry and saute with black mushrooms, green beans, garlic, ginger, soy sauce - quick, nutritious dinner.

        Butterfly a roast, rub with olive oil, minced garlic, rosemary, set atop a mixture of root vegetables in a roasting pan, roast at high-ish heat and make a gravy. Slice leftovers for sandwich meat component.

        Bread cutlets and serve parm style, with or without a tomato sauce.

        1. i just made a stir fry with the loin last nite a quick dish with broc and carrots over ramen noodles. I am using the rest in a curry stew , I know it is lean, however it still comes out great ... you can also make pulled pork or a great roast pork sandwich- you can do these in a crock pot if you work during the day.

          1. Actually, loins can be braised very successfully. If you Google "Braised Pork Loin" you'll find dozens and dozens of recipes. And, of course, nearly all braised dishes benefit from being made ahead of time and most can be frozen. Carve the finished loin into slices, cover with the juices, and freeze in approriate servings.