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Jan 18, 2008 06:08 AM

Spezie, RW?

Has anyone been and tried it, have a res tonight and had a bad RW experience once this week, so I am hoping this one doesn't let me down, but Tom during AskTom said he had gotten some complaints. Service isn't near as big of a factor for us as food...

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  1. We went earlier this week and had a nice dinner. The service was a little off. I think the waitress was a little put off when we didn't order drinks (alcohol or non). The rest of the night, she was a bit cold. But the food was delicious. Their entire menu was available with no upcharges. There were probably 8-10 choices for both appetizer and main. My fiance had a fried seafood app and a herresford steak main. The meat was fantastic! I had a rockfish carpaccio app and pumpkin raviolis main. Both were very good.

    1. Havn't been during RW, but when we went the food was sublime and the service very good. No complaints whatsoever.

      1. Thank you both so much for your report. It was a really nice evening and BF had a great time too. Service was a tad bit slow, but not too bad and not rushed which is much worse, plus they were packed.

        Just got home from dinner and the BF still has work to do so I thought I would play on chow for a bit. They had a huge selection on their menu. I am assuming this was to show off the new changes. It was a really tough choice there were so many good options. You were correct their were at least 8-10 options in both 1st and 2nd course.

        I started with the scallop appetizer which was very good. You have to mix the sauces and stuff up a little bit to get all the flavors together. BF had the salted cod which was very good for salted cod, I am not a huge salted cod fan, but I liked this and he loved it. I am kind of wishing I had got the fried mixed platter, but after how rich my entree and dessert were, maybe not.

        I ordered the pasta with gruyere, peas and smoked pork shoulder. I actually make a similar dish to this at home and theirs was way better. I think the smokey pork shoulder which gave the essence of smoked bacon really made the dish it was rich but excellent. Had they not taken the dish away I might have used bread to get the sauce. BF had the veal ravioli, which was ok, but not as good as my dish. I was happy when I tasted it that the ravioli wasn't so thick as to override the taste of the veal which happens in some of those type of stuffed pastas. I also thought about the venison though which looked excellent and a few other things made it a really tough decision.

        For dessert the tiramisu was excellent, I really enjoyed it and bf enjoyed the panna cotta with berries. We thought the meal was a great value during RW. The portions weren't huge, but just right when you are eating three courses so you aren't stuffed at the end or feeling like you ate way too much. I don't know if due to their circumstances they will offer a menu like this again for RW, but it was excellent this time around.

        Thank you both so much for encouraging me to go. This really made up for the bad experience at Oceanaire and BF was so impressed with all the offerings.