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Jan 18, 2008 06:05 AM

New Bar in Scotch Plains?

On Park Ave right across from the Stagehouse/Tavern there is a new bar-can't even tell its name-sign simply says-Bar, Food, Music, Love. I went in-no one there-but it is very interesting-couches , little tables and chairs-no drink menu or food menu and they don't know when the music will start (according to the bartender). Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. I saw that too when I stopped to get a bottle of wine at the liquor store next door. I was shocked there had be no chatter about the place. It looked very slick and almost Manhattan-y

    1. It's called Vienna 60 and it looks like they're working on a Web site:

      We're looking forward to trying it out!

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      1. Stopped in tonight to see if they served food. Spoke with a guy who seemed to be the owner or at least the manager. He said he serves some snacks, desserts, but there is no food menu. The bar scene looked great, 60's + trendy if that makes sense?
        We moved from Hoboken and would have enjoyed this a few months ago before the wife got pregnant. Hope it does well.

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          1. Been there once and once was enough, only bottled beer, no food,.....I have no idea what the owners were thinking when they created this business !'a place where you drink, talk, and that's it !......the owners also own the liquor store next door

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              Sounds like a throwback to the old days in NJ when the same store sold booze, wine and beer, and also had a bar. The worst of all possible worlds--the wine selection would be mostly jugs, the beer mostly Bud, and the bar would be under the same flourescent lights and be a place to down boilermakers. I thought we'd moved past that, but a few of these places may still survive.

              1. re: albinoni

                This is not a throw back if that is your criteria. The liquor store next door (not part of the same structure) has an outstanding selection of beers and wines and all the top shelf liqours one coulld hope for. As for the bar, it's not the gin soaked poorly lite dive you are thinking of, it's classy and polished.