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Jan 18, 2008 05:57 AM

Black Angus Steakhouse - How much?

Hello all.

The eldest daughter would like to celebrate her 18th birthday at Black Angus (in Etobicoke) with her parents and her boyfriend.

Given that they're both bottomless when it comes to food, roughly how much are the steaks at this resto?


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  1. You can google some reviews but the website is no help. Most patrons are spending $50-$99 per person, and they like the place, especially rib eye.

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    1. re: jayt90

      You are right that website looks like it was done to serve a contractual obligation. Is the Black Angus in TO related to a 'Black Angus' I saw somewhere in central London (UK). My BIL from Brantford loves the Black is about as adventurous as he gets in TO, other than chain 'theme' restaurants. (Rainforest, Hard Rock, etc)

    2. I would agree with Jayt90 on the price. It's priced like most steakhouses these days. I had an excellent New York strip there and it was comparable to any I've had anywhere in Toronto including one from those thieves at Harbour 60.

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      1. Hi, The Black Angus is good but I think the steaks at LaCastile are way better and the atmosphere and decor is interesting and it's not much further west than the BA. It's a special occasion spot for us because it's expensive as is the Black Angus and any other really good steak house. My family and steak lovin' adult kids vote LaCastile over BA anyday. Here is the website for what it's worth. (and no, I don't own it or work there)