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Jan 18, 2008 05:48 AM

Felice Wine Bar

I've been anxiously awaiting comments on the food at this new wine bar on First Avenue & 64th Street, but so far nothing has been posted of any consequence. This post is no different, but I did try to have dinner there last night with a friend.

The place was absolutely packed without a single spot to even have a glass of wine at the small bar. The gracious host said that there would be a 45 minute wait for a table, but did show us the menu upon request. Entre prices on the high side - $27 for a salmon dish, I think, but the funny thing was: we didn't see anyone actually eating...just drinking wine. It seemed that every table had those stemless wine glasses and plenty of red wine, but no food.

Well, we didn't wait the 45 minutes, opting instead to share a pizza at Johns around the corner. Maybe someone who has actually eaten at Felice will provide a comment? By the way, the pizza at Johns was excellent as always...and they were packed too. Maybe the result of Felice overflow?

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  1. Ive only had appetizers at felice, but i found them to be tasty and satisfying, if a little bit pricey. I do like the decor and the atmosphere and would definitely return for more wine and apps. I also remember thinking the pasta prices were reasonable, but did notice that the mains were overly pricey.

    and i love john's.... i think im about due for another visit :)

    1. Actually did eat at Felice with a group of friends and we all tried a bit of everything. Salads were great .. cheese selection leaves for improvement ... pastas were very good. Would have liked more selection in main dishes but they were very good. It is new and certainly has to work out a few things in food and service but overall ... really like the place and will go back. The UES needs a place like this. Design and vibe is great and brings a little downtown to the sometimes boring UES.

      1. Agree...about time a semi-hip place opened on the UES. We went their Saturday night at 7pm and it was booming. A great vibe that is so different from the many non-descript Italian restaurants that flood the UES. The food was good, but the atmosphere was great. I can't wait to go back.