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Jan 18, 2008 05:30 AM

Zon's, and a huge Michael's sandwich

Ate at the bar of Zon's last nite, we were the only 2 people there at 6:15 but eventually about 15 others showed up. Very pleasant nite but wasn't knocked out by the food. The bread didn't seem super fresh, the appetizers aren't the most exciting so we went with mussels which were tasty in a garlicky broth, but the crostini was hard and quite a few mussels didn't open. We split the famous mac & cheese but I hate to say, I like the work cafeteria's better (and it's almost as big a portion for $1.50 vs. $13). It came to us super hot but seemed to coagulate quickly and there was an odd taste to it. Salt helped but it just was a little too solid for my taste. We split a half portion of the ice cream sandwich which was a basic choc. chip cookie w/ vanilla ice cream last nite and that was enough to fill us up. I had a glass of pinot blanc for $6 and he had a couple of the Zon's brews for $4 each. The woman bartending was great and it's a friendly scene (and super dark) but I'll choose the meat loaf or salmon next time.

After all the talk about Michael's, I figured I'd grab something to go from there on Wed. I'm getting 3.5 meals out of this thing. Got the chicken salad club on a bulkie ($6.99) and it was ridiculously huge. A half sandwich, some chips and a pickle made for a good dinner. I scraped off some chick sal on each half and made one sandwich on an English muffin for the next day, saved the other half for today, and have a tiny bit to put on top of some salad or something. I know that's not the way everyone eats, but that was an insane sandwich.

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  1. went to zon's recently and greatly enjoyed their tilton stilton burger--their burgers seem to get better each time. good balance b/w the med rare burger and the stilton (not overwhelming), really good fries & bun. i haven't been to bartley's in years, and have never been to o'sullivan's, but this is one fine, fine burger. one DC had the turkey burger, and the other had pork chop w/horseradish mashed. had some of that as a leftover, and it seemed competent if not mind-blowing. given the price differential b/w the entrees and the burgers, and how good the burgers are, i always end up getting a burger. we never get the mac & cheese, b/c we make a much better version ourselves.

    they said that b/c of some change in city rules, they can't make vodka based drinks anymore, which is a drag. i agree the bar's a nice place to sit.

    the desserts did seem to be pretty lackluster. they included strawberry shortcake--strawberries! in january no less. overall, though, a great neighborhood joint, friendly vibe, not too expensive, not fussy and really great burgers.

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      I agree on the burgers. I had written a blog entry a few months back about the burgers at Zon's and how they rival some of the best ones in the Boston area, including O'Sullivan's. If you compare the whole package (burgers and fries), Zon's beats O'Sully's hands-down, IMO, as the handcut fries are so much better than those limp wedges that O'Sullivan's serves.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        and that turkey burger is actually really good, and normally something I would never order (it's almost blasphemous!)

        1. re: MB fka MB

          yes, the only turkey burger i've met that i like. quite good, in fact, esp. now that it's served with turkey bacon.

    2. Finally tried the "Reuben" at Mike's the other day also. It was a massive sandwich with loads of corned beef, mayonnaise, cabbage and flavour on a dark rye! All I can say, was that it was delicious!! The pickle on the side was awesome too.