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Jul 17, 2001 03:31 PM

La Brea Bakeries Acquired

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  1. No doubt this heralds declining quality. The parbaked breads mentioned in the article are generally lousy. La Brea Bakery delivery trucks can frequently seen all around the Los Angeles area, but those who have bought the stuff from the supermarkets supplied with the parbaked breads have definitely had an inferior product. It is often unforgivably doughy, though as the basis for croutons it can hardly be criticized.

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    1. re: Samo

      I'm not sure what you mean when you write that this "heralds declining quality." If the par-baked bread is already of inferior quality to the stuff you buy directly from La Brea bakery, why will this acquisition make it worse? And why will it change the quality of the bread sold at the bakery? I'm not being ornery, I'm just curious. Although I have to say that I think even the inferior par-baked stuff is a godsend when you're looking for decent bread in lots of places where there's no good bakery.

      1. re: Sheryl

        No doubt this is a heresy, but I actually like the parbaked baguettes, and at the Bakery I'll choose them over the fresh ones. They often bake them too much for my taste. I like a crisp crust, but a thinner one than La Brea bakes. Amy's Bread in NY has the same tendency.

        1. re: Deborah

          Hey! The L.A. Times just discovered the sale -- it's in today's (Saturday) business section.
          Guess they don't read Chowhound! That or they were waiting for the press release.

          1. re: TE

            See my comment in the Mark Peel thread.