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Jan 18, 2008 05:23 AM

India's Flavor, Glendale?

Just ran across a string of mostly-positive reviews on Yelp for India's Flavor on Verdugo in Glendale, and was wondering if anyone here has anything to add? Positive? Negative? Meh? A quick search didn't turn anything up.

Hoping to check it out tonight - will report back if that happens!

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  1. oh, MY. this place is too geographically close to me for comfort. (comfortable jeans, that is, after I put on an expected 20 pounds of ass from their menu.)

    I've been looking for good new Indian food...can't wait to try them, based on the Yelp reviews you mentioned.

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      Does this place have a lunch buffet?

      1. re: Dybno

        They do - Monday-Friday, 11-2:30, according to the menu I brought home with me. And only $7.94.

    2. We ate there at the beginning of December based on the Yelp reviews and were
      very impressed.
      Everything we had was delicious, although I liked the Aloo Ghobi least of everything
      we ordered, and that's usually my favorite Indian dish. We had a delicious eggplant
      dish cooked with carmelized onions...really good!!
      The owners are really nice and the place, although tiny, is very comfortable.
      We're thrilled that we've found a delicious Indian restaurant not too terribly far from home!

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      1. re: gossamered

        Sounds really promising, especially that eggplant. Thanks!

      2. ^^ bump

        going to go here tonight

        1. Takayuki Kubota's world renowned karate studio (International Karate Association) dominates the small center on Verdugo Bl. Right next to the studio, at 3303 Verdugo, is a little closet restaurant with a handful of tables and ancient furnishings serving traditional Indian food, now adapted for American tastes. The buffet offers few alternatives (rice / potatoes / chicken / curry) but the spice table is conveniently to your left. Some of the other guests ordered from the menu, but we elected the all-you-can-eat buffet. The more we looked at it, the more appealing it appeared. The food was properly prepared and well combined. Service was splendid, we were asked more than once if all was well, You remember service in the Regiment, don't you? Those four years in India? That little restaurant you ate at just after leaving the ship at Bombay (now, Mumbai) and sought again four years later on your way back home is no longer in the Raja Wadi district. It's now in Glendale, next to where Takayuki Kubota teaches.

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          1. Great place it became the family go to place when we wanted something we didn't have the time to make at home. Only went there for dinner but the Veggie's of the family swear by the Saag Paneer, Shahi Paneer, and Veggies on the Thava (forgot the name on the menu). Me I swear by the Chicken Tikka Masala and Korma. I will be possibly tryin the buffet this week and will let ya know how it is. The naan are fresh service is great and its kinda unknown so its not always busy when we go the tables are full but not long waits like some of the Pasadena places.