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Jan 18, 2008 05:14 AM

Breakfast in London

I am after a breakfast in london that is not a "fry up". Coming from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney I am used to being able to get up in the morning and being able to walk to one of the many quality cafe's and order a great coffee and fresh breakfast to go with my weekend paper. I am yet to find much like this in London. Ideally somewhere that uses quality ingredients and Great Coffee - Bircher Musli would be a bonus. The closest i have found to date has been:
1. Ottolenghi in Angel (highly recommended - great breakfast, especially the jams, and coffee)
2. Dayelsford Organic in Pimlico (good coffee but overall quite pricey)
3. Wolseley in Piccadilly (they do a good, but small, Bircher but awful coffee)
4. Flat White in Soho (great coffee and Banana Bread but not sure about the Breakfast)

Any one else have any ideas?

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  1. Breakfast club
    D'Arblay Street, Soho.

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      Thanks for the suggestions all. The wife and I drove out to Climpson and Sons on Saturday for the Bircher and Coffee. Almost didn't make it as i had to walk up the FANTASTIC Broadway Market (which has to be one of the most accessible and interesting Foodie/boutique markets in London). The reason i nearly didn't make it was because i was tempted by so much on the way: the whole hog roast, artisan bread and quality breakfast stalls amongst many othes. Still, we persevered and were really pleased with the both Coffee and Bircher. Then spent the next hour or so buying cheese, organic veg, gifts and browsing at the market. A great morning out. We will be back.

      Sunday we checked out Breakfast Club in Soho. However, it was closed. Closing on weekends is a big no no as far as I am concerned when it comes to Breakfast eateries. The jury is still out for me on this one.

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        Try the Breakfast Club in Islington next time!
        So glad to have been able to help...;)

    2. I had that problem when i arrived from same burbs but its a lot better after 7 years! Ottolenghi is my favourite place almost bar none these days. Prefer Wolseley for afternoon tea and its so hotely.
      Agree with above as well b'fast club in islington is very sydney - fresh juice & everything with O/L doesnt do! also maybe try elk in the woods...
      East in London is full of gems... On Broadway Market there is Climpson & Sons which is run by ex-flat whiters. It feels very much like home if the sun is shining but isnt all that comfortable to sit in, its very 'local' like dov was. Best coffee Ive had here including flat white!
      You might want to try St John Bread & Wine in Spitalfields on a sunday, its still more restauranty and very English - but well worth a visit because of the quality.
      I used to really love tom's cafe in notting hill as well - am sure they used to do bircher - maybe call and ask.
      But truly amazing is the tapa room at providores - which is run by peter gordon (kiwi!!), killer coffee, boiled eggs with vegemite soldiers and fusion additions (though still no bircher). I think we should start a new thread just for bircher recommendations. Or start making it at home! Ill have another think and get back to you though...

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      1. re: condimentqueen

        Thanks Condimentqueen - really useful. Was actually musing to my wife just last night that we should start up a "Bircher and Porridge" restaurant to fill the gap in the market.

        1. re: Mortz

          Good to see this thread - we miss our Darlinghurst brekkie as well.
          We love Monmouth for the coffee in Borough Market as it the closest we have had to the taste of home. However, we will be sertain to try these as soon as we can. Thanks.

      2. I have to agree with everyone, the breakfast scene is a little lacklustre in London, but I have dug up some places - predominately brunch, but breakfasty none the less.

        Harlem on Westbourne Grove is a great bit of NYC Americana, the pancakes are great and the Coney Island Hot Dog is to die for!

        Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, yes a smide up market, but great proper grazing style brunch, and steep at £39, but not so bad as all drinks are included (champagne, bloody marys and gorgeous iced tea martinis).

        Lastly, Mestizo, one of the only reputable Mexican restaurants in London have started serving brunch - a bit of a twist, and I haven't tried it, but definitely worth mentioning.

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          actually speaking of US themed breakfasts in notting hill - the electric does yummy stuff but my favourite diner is lucky7 on westbourne grove as well!
          hadnt heard of harlem though.
          eastside there is sabor on essex road that does wicked brunches/lunches on the weekend. i never knew fish tacos could cure a hangover!!

        2. Monmouth coffee - the one in Borough Market (stoney st) has a big communal table with lovely breakfast, and really great coffee, Leon or Canteen in Spitalfields, or Pain Quotidien - I think the one on Marylebone High Street's the nicest, the one on the Southbank seems to have service problems.

          1. Are you all forgetting Providores Tapa Room on Marylebone High Street?

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              no way! posted in my original reply above. this is my favourite thread ever...

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                  Perhaps Food Hall on Old Street? I can barely afford their preserved lemons, but it looks like they are getting some exciting yogurts.