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Jan 18, 2008 05:11 AM

one night in nyc

My gf is gonna be in manhattan for one night down from Boston and staying @ the Marriot on 85 West Street at Albany Street. She is looking for some suggestions on where to have a nice solo dinner at a inexpensive to moderate price point. As far food type she is pretty flexible i.e. Sushi, french bistro, mediterranean, gastro pub, italian, tapas, thai food, cuban, vegetarian and just about any other suggestion. A place with a nice comfortable bar is important please help?

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  1. she's basically down at the southern tip of manhattan...very quiet after work and very few restaurants in the immediate area.

    her closest and best bet is to take a cab to tribeca...just north of there. for a solo diner, id suggest walker's for great pub food in a great bar...nice friendly crowd, or maybe bubbys at the bar for comfort food...friendly bartender there named ryan. there's a branch of max on greenwich over there that serves good italian on the cheap which should be relatively close to her.

    either of those would work.

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      What about Landmarc? I had a very good brunch there with my brother. How's their dinner?

      By the way, I haven't been to Bubby's in years but was never impressed and considered it overpriced. You're right: You can get very good bar food at Walker's, and they have good jazz there, but the food there is nowhere near the quality of a restaurant that's not mainly a bar, like Landmarc:

      She could dine at Landmarc or another good restaurant and then walk over to a bar like Walker's.

    2. A few places I would consider eating if staying at the Marriott for a nght, within walking distance.

      1. The Rise bar at the Ritz Carlton, a few blocks south and on the other side of West St., you take an elevated walkway across. Wonderful view of the harbor, great good and drinks, expensive.
      2. Out the back door of the Marriott at 108 Greenwich St., Caracello, which is mostly good red sauce Italian. It will almost always have a bar stool available for someone to have dinner. Only time it does not is when it has a private party. See: I've been treated very well at Caracello, to the extent that Freddy has been embarassed when my then 3-year old niece hugged him, although I was not there to witness it.
      3. The Grill Room or P.J. Clarkes, both in the World Financial Center ("WFC"). Grill Room is in No. 2 WFC above and south of the Winter Garden, and P.J. Clarkes is north and west from there in No. 4 WFC. See:;; and

      If these do not work for you, then head for something in Tribeca.

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